A look back at the holiday: 90% Sunners "checkin" at the kitchen

The surprising thing during the social distancing holiday is that 90% of Sunners have checked in into...the kitchen. Many Sunners have showcase their culinary talent, some even are as good as professional chefs. However, there has been a "heavy concern" regarding the body weight. Let's look through these sharing!

** Photos gathered from Sunners' Facebook. 

Team Home-cooked Meal

High quality bun ga (chicken vermicelli noodle soup) made by Sun*s young married couple
Ever since social distancing, Thao BA has really improved!!!
Homemade roast pork is this good then the butcher will definitely lose his customers!
Some meals posted on Sunners' stories
Nga Nguyen has been cooking very frequently! Today's menu is seafood.

 Team Sweet Treats

Ms. Van's che for her two princesses looks so beautiful and delicious!
Top-notch baking skills! Can you tell which is a real banana and which is a banana cake?
Thanh Nhan shows off her talent in making mini bread. She's really talented!
How appetizing!

Sun* News will continue to update....

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