A definitely-not-boring experience for Sunners: Interesting and reliable self-discovery tests!

Continuing the series of "Staying at home with no boredom" during the pandemic, let's experience the fascinating and reliable personality tests to understand yourself better!

When mentioning personality tests, surely everyone will immediately think of the famous MBTI test (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). MBTI is a test that uses psychological multiple-choice questions to analyze human personality. The results of this test partly reflect how an individual perceives the world around him/her and how he/she makes decisions regarding life's problems.

However, reliable sources for personality tests are not limited to just MBTI. There are now a number of online tests that can help us understand ourselves better. And now, experience the Top 5 reliable tests for personality, intelligence, creativity, love and psychology with Sun* News!

Creative Type Test

Creative Types Test is a test created by Adobe - an American computer software corporation - to explore an individual's creative style. Based on psychology studies and 15 test questions, Creative Types assesses basic habits and tendencies to think, act, and see the world. Through this small test, we can gain a deeper understanding of our creativity at present.

If you are a creative person or simply, your work requires the spirit of “thinking outside the box” every day, the Creative Type Test will be an interesting experience for you. There are eight personality types in the Creative Type Test: the Artist, the Adventurer, the Dreamer, the Thinker, the Maker, the Innovator, the Visionary and the Producer. This cool quiz will give you a glimpse of your most apparent creative trait!

>>> Link to the test: Creative Types by Adobe Create 

Who Am I

Instead of answering a wordy question, in the Who Am I test, you will be answering picture questions. With Who Am I, you can answer by choosing vivid images, through which the system will assess what type of person you are and give the answer immediately.

Although the test has visually-stimulated images, it is relatively long with many different questions for you to choose from. But to understand your personality in the most thorough and reliable way, try to take time and complete this interesting test!

>>> Link to the test: Who Am I?

The Enneagram Personality Test

The Enneagram is a system of human personality types that describes how those types make sense of the world and how they manage their own emotions. Enneagram describes 9 different personality types and connects each personality type (into personality groups) to help readers understand the relationship between personalities. These are the personality types:

  1. The reformer
  2. The helper
  3. The achiever
  4. The individualist
  5. The investigator 
  6. The loyalist
  7. The enthusiast
  8. The challenger
  9. The peacemaker

One of the most unique uses of the Enneagram test is to understand yourself and overcome your personality group weaknesses. In addition, Enneagram helps individuals develop self-awareness, self-acknowledgement, and responsibility for their own behavior. At the same time, this test helps individuals evolve from someone who blames others or blames external factors into someone who can take responsibility for the consequences caused by his or her actions. This makes people become more proactive and flexible in all circumstances.

>>> Link to the test: Enneagram Viet Nam

Big Five

The Big Five is a psychological model researched and developed by many scientists around the world, in which, the most prominent psychologists are Paul Costa and Robert McRae of the National Institutes of Health in the US.

Without labeling a person's personality, the Big Five test believes that in a person's personality, there are 5 big factors. The task of the Big Five test is to determine the expression level of each factor. Therefore, Big Five is highly appreciated for its reliability and scientific accuracy, helping to optimize your advantages and control your weaknesses.

The 5 big personality factors include: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism.

>>> Link to the test: Big Five Personality Test

The Love Language Test

Your love language is different from that of the people in your life. Each of us says and understands what makes us feel loved. Your own language, it can be very different for others. To understand this, you need to know and speak your friend's love language. That's why you can't skip The Love Language test.

This test stems from the research of Dr. Gary Chapman, with the book “5 Love Languages”. Through multiple choice questions, you will find out which love language you have in the following 5 languages:

  1. Words of affirmation
  2. Quality time
  3. Giving gifts
  4. Acts of service
  5. Physical touch

Discovering and using love language strengthens human relationships. When we convey love in a way that the other person cannot perceive, our efforts, no matter how sincere, will be wasted.

>>> Link to the test: Discover Your Love Language - The 5 Love Languages®

Sometimes in life, we often feel confused and even disappointed in ourselves. It can come from a feeling of low self-esteem because you are not as good as someone or not as successful at work. Or there are times when we don't understand what we’re doing, what we need, what we really like or hate! However, those feelings and concerns have a comprehensive solution once we understand ourselves. If we know our own personality type, perhaps we will realize more interesting things about ourselves and love ourselves more.

Hopefully these interesting tests will help Sunners understand more about themselves and have a good experience during this pandemic. If you’re aware of other tests, please share them with other Sunners! ^^