Official: Established Sun* Healthcare Committee

For Sun*, human resources are the most valuable asset. Therefore, maintaining a good, clean working environment to improve Sunners’ mental and physical health is always the top priority of the Company.

Apart from organizing useful activities such as annual health checks,  knowledge sharing, and healthcare experiences from medical experts, the Company also aims to build a long-term plan to promote activities that improve the mental and physical health of Sunners. 

And now, when everything is well-prepared, the company decides to launch SUN* HEALTHCARE COMMITTEE from September 2020, operated by the GA division, directly under BAV. 

First, in order for all Sun* employees to be aware of their health status, we will review some of the data from the employees’ health check results in July 2020 as follows: 

50% of Sun* employees taking the health check-up suffer from refractive errors.

22% of Sun* employees taking the health check-up have a thyroid nodule or tumor. 

10% of Sun* employees taking the health check-up suffer from degenerative muscle-bone-joint diseases. 

Why are these alarming figures?

Because most Sun* employees are in the golden age (from 25-45 years old). At this age, the average rate of the above diseases in our country is only approximately or much lower according to the reports at the Health Workshop of the Central Eye Hospital and some other medical organizations.  

Not to mention, the above figures are only about the 3 most common listed diseases. Besides, there are many Sunners suffering from chronic digestive and metabolic diseases.  

This is indeed a worrying situation, showing that Sun's employees have health problems at a very young age. This motivates the Company to establish a health care committee for all employees, with the following specific operating directions:  
- Organizing and promoting sports, health care programs of the company employees.  
- Support activities of sports clubs to improve health.  
- Raise awareness about the importance of health and some diseases through seminars consulted by specialized doctors. 

To kick-off the Committee's activities, on September 1, 2020, the Company will have a meaningful and interesting activity taking place at Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City office as follows: 
- From 07:30 - 08:00: Sunner who checks in this time will receive a small but meaningful gift with a lucky number.  
-  From 12:45 - 13:00: Lucky draw program with health gifts for 4 luckiest people. The prizes will be announced during the draw.  
For the Danang office, in the social distancing due to COVID epidemic, we would like to see you again in the next interesting programs. 

In the early days of operation, the mistakes are unavoidable, Sun* Healthcare Committee hopes to get your sympathy and active response to the upcoming activities. 

If you have any questions or suggestions in improving employee health, please contact us at: 

#Ủy ban chăm sóc sức khỏe

#sức khỏe Sunner