A large number of Sunners excellently earned Scrum Master Certification

After a period of implementation, Sun* students have graduated from the Scrum Master course. Many of them have earned PSM I certification after the course and become professional Scrum Masters.

Instead of pouring dozens of millions VND to attend a Professional Scrum Master course outsdie, now Sunners can totally obtain all the quintessence about Scrum Framework free of charge by attending the Scrum Master course by Mr. Nhac Trung (Vietnam Education Unit) - a "master" of Scrum/Agile at Sun*.

Across the nation, from the South to the North, the Scrum Master course by Mr. Nhac Trung has brought about a myriad of interesting knowledge and useful practical activities for Sunners. As many of you may not know, this is the follow-up course right after the famous Agile course also led by Mr. Trung, which has made quite an impact at Sun* in the past time.

Participating in the Scrum Master course, Sunners would have the opportunities to acquire the most fundamental and general knowledge about Scrum, the Scrum team, the importance of Scrum as well as the obstacles that one might encounter when transferring Agile at Sun*. Sunners would work in teams by discussing and doing practical exercises based on real-life case studies. 

Scrum Master is the combination of guiding and team-based exercises, showing the students what is the soul and core value of Scrum/Agile activities.

Scrum Master course at Sun* Hanoi
Participants at the Scrum Master course at Sun* Hanoi
Scrum Master course at Sun* Da Nang
Participants at the Scrum Master course at Sun* Da Nang

Agile or Scrum Master courses have already been well-known at Sun* and positively-received by Sunners, especially software development engineers who use Scrum Framework for their products. The course has also received enthusiastic responses and participation from non-tech Sunners at the company. 

Although not being a member of a software development unit, Thuy Linh (HRV) excitedly participated and had her own feeling about Scrum/Agile from the perspective of a non-tech member. She commented: “To be honest, there was a lot of hard-to-understand knowledge that my work has not applied before. However, thanks to the practical exercises, I understand more about Agile and Scrum. Additionally, I also joined the discussion with other tech-specialized colleagues, who have passionately explained further to me what I have not understood clearly yet. Generally speaking, it may be a bit too much for such a non-tech member like me, yet the course has offered me great experience”

The Scrum/Agile fire burned at Sun* Ho Chi Minh

Recently, after the course ended at all three branches, many Sunners have accepted the challenge by sitting for an online Professional Scrum Master certification exam and received proud results at the same time. Specifically, they have overcome the exam and earned PSM I at the very first attempt. 

The members who have earned PSM I at Sun* Hanoi are Mr. Xuan Duc (EUV3), Mr. Nguyen Manh C (EUV3), Ms. Vu Ngoc (VEU) and Mr. Minh Tuan B (VEU)
Mr. Thai Hoc - One of the Professional Scrum Master I earners at Sun* Ho Chi Minh.

At Sun* Da Nang, The members who have earned PSM I are Mr. Nguyen Tam (EUV4), Ms. Thu Mai (EUV4), Mr. Tien Trung (EUV4), Mr. Nhat Hoang (EUV4), Ms. Minh Hoa (EUV4), Mr. Hoang Hiep (EUV4), Ms. Y Uyen (EUV4), Mr. Viet Hoang (EUV2), Ms. Minh Nhat (BAO), Ms. Diem Thao (VEU) and Mr. Đuc Quoc (VEU).

Congratulations to all of you!

In the coming time, the Agile/Scrum Master course will continue to welcome new students in 2021. If any Sunner wants to register for the course, do not hesitate to contact the SOO Unit or Leader of your Unit!

Congratulations to all of you who have excellently earned Professional Scrum Master I!

Just keep up your “Go Fast” spirit!

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