Architecture Guideline - A helpful "companion" for Sun* developers has been officially launched

In order to provide a detailed, systematic guide on technical issues for Sun* developers to look up and refer to easily, Sun* has officially launched a new product called Architecture Guideline. This is also a proactive move by Sun* toward the goal of "Increasing the efficiency of bidding and software development processes” that we set for 2023.

At Sun* there are countless projects using many different types of technology. The process of working on the projects over the years has helped us realize that we lack a clear set of instructions, helping programmers to work without being biased or having difficulty balancing between client requirements and the actual situation. In response to that legitimate need, a team of Vietnamese and Japanese Sunners worked together to create the Architecture Guideline.

“Portrait” of Architecture Guideline

In its simplest description, the Architecture Guideline is a series of documents that describe best practices and suggested ways of implementation in several technical fields. Architecture Guideline is expected to become a helpful "companion" to support the work of Sun* developers.

Click here to access Architecture Guideline

Because it is a product drawn from Sunner's practical experience when working on projects, as well as created by experienced Software Architects and Seniors of Sun*, the Architecture Guideline is very suitable for projects developed by Sunner, and can be applied to most projects from new to operational ones. The Architecture Guideline is also more stable in the long run compared to the boilerplate code, and has a guide throughout from code design, and system to implementation, so it can be applied at any stage of the project. In addition, the Guideline also does not impose a code style, Sunners can both keep their own coding style to express their creativity and still apply this guideline.

The Elite team

Starting to deploy in August 2022, up to now, the Architecture Guideline project has been running for nearly 8 months, with many ups and downs. Although it is a team with personnel from both Sun* Vietnam and Sun* Japan, thanks to the enthusiasm, the members coordinate smoothly. One of the most difficult challenges that the project team encountered was probably in the stage of collecting, synthesizing, and systematizing the knowledge through practical experience, as well as the knowledge collected over the internet to write best practices. This stage has taken up the project team more time than originally planned, but this is an important foundation for the project to continue to build and develop.

“As the person who both work on this project and directly applied this Guideline to the projects, I have a lot of emotions. Up to now, the Guideline is evaluated by middle-level developers as very detailed and easy to read. Therefore, many best practices can be applied. The Guideline also provides a valuable dictionary. That is, instead of searching for solutions on Medium, Google, or ChatGPT, we can choose solutions that have been applied directly to Sun* projects. Another interesting point is that this guideline does not limit the creativity of developers. They can directly get ideas from the guideline and develop them in any direction they want. Many developers, instead of applying the same guideline, have improved it depending on the project they are working on. However, the Guideline still has some limitations. The biggest limitation at the moment is probably the diversity. But that weakness can be overcome by the contribution of the community, first the Sunner community, then the community outside the company."

Mr. Hao Minh (Technology Solution Line (TS) )

Future goals

The Architecture Guideline project is divided into several phases. From phase 2 onwards, there will be 3 main jobs:

  • Apply Architecture Guideline to projects for Frontend.
  • Contribute to Architecture Guideline to improve its quality.
  • Proceed to build Architecture Guideline for Backend.

In particular, the number one priority at this time is to apply this guideline to projects. The project team has been collecting projects using React.js/Next.js for evaluation and implementation. During the construction of the Guideline, after completing about 80%, the Architecture Guideline has been used in 2 projects of CEV03 and CEV14. In the near future, there will be 2 more projects of CEV06 and CEV10 applying Architecture Guideline.

With all the achievements, together with the spirit of teamwork, united towards the goal, let's wish Architecture Guideline project team to continue achieving more success and contribute to the common goal of Sun* in the future!

#SVN Goal 2023

#SVN Goal