Autumn Event 2021: League of Sun* - Brain-teaser Arena

This fall, an intellectual playground will take place for all Sunners. The thrilling and attractive "Arena" with a total prize value up to 23,000,000 VND has officially been started.

How long has it been since the last time you “be a part” of a crowd of up to hundreds of people?

How long have you not experienced exciting and thrilling moments of competition with your teammates?

Let’s join League of Sun* - Brain-teaser Arena to experience a new game, organized for the first time, bringing about many interesting things for all of us.

League of Sun* is for all members of Sun*. The teams from the Units will compete together on an online platform, overcoming the tough challenges from the Organizing Committee, and winning valuable prizes for their teams and Units.

For the first time, an intellectual competition at Sun* will be held on an online platform, promising to bring hours of excitement and explosion on “the stage” as well as for all the audience watching it online. This is also an opportunity for members of Sun* to connect and show the spirit of "one team" after a long time working from home. Whether participating as players or spectators, Sunners will have the opportunity to win valuable prizes from the competition.

Here is the detail of this event

Let’s form a team and look forward  to upcoming information from League of Sun* - Brain-teaser Arena

For any further information, please contact Chatwork Nguyen Ba Chuc

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