Bật mí khóa học kỹ năng mềm online đầu tiên tại Sun*

After many days of gestation and preparation, from now on, Sunners can access S*ITM to access many excellent online soft skill training courses by accomplished trainers at Sun*.

Due to the increasing demand and number of students, from now on, in addition to the offline courses held regularly weekly/monthly/quarterly, SOO will especially deploy carefully-invested courses in form online formula on the S*ITM internal training site.

Surprisingly, there are no longer boring online lecture videos that contain just slides, text, and lack of interaction between trainers and trainees. Since now, so as to enable students to experience the best and most effective lessons, each video will be accompanied by an instructor to create the feeling that Sunners are learning directly with them. On top of that, because it is designed as online videos, Sunners can watch it again and again at any time, as long as they use an Internet-connected device and log in your WSM account on the S*ITM site.

To open the online lecture series, we will meet with the enthusiastic trainer TrungX (SOO) with a course on Critical Thinking. This course has been held in many batches offline at the company and received a lot of registration from Sunners. Critical thinking can be assessed to be an extremely necessary soft skill course for all Sunners in the company, no matter what position or unit they belong to. 

And certainly, Sunners will meet TrungX in every lecture video on Critical Thinking, pocketing good tips about the way of thinking leading to success at work. In addition, to help Sunners remember more fondly and apply knowledge acquired in practice, SOO will also design small tests after each course.

For now, please click on the link below and discover the cool things from this amazing E-Learning course of Sun*!


Time: Whenever Sunners have time

Trainer: TrungX - Manager (Strategy Operation Office)

Location: You can sit anywhere! But prepare yourself a laptop with Internet connection!

Participants: All Sunners

>>> You can register a very simple and quick course HERE

Sun* News will continue to update online and offline teaching schedules in the coming time. Stay tuned, Sunners!

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