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With just a 200-word review of the book, you can have the opportunity to receive a delicious gift combo to bring your crush, girlfriends, wives to the luxury buffet restaurant. Let's check out the information about this extremely hot Book Review contest at Sun*.Chỉ với 1 đoạn review sách khoảng 200 chữ là anh em có cơ hội nhận ngay 1 combo quà ngon nghẻ, có cơ hội đưa crush, bạn gái, vợ đi nhà hàng sang trọng buffet tới bến. Cùng tham khảo ngay thông tin về cuộc thi Review sách cực hot tại Sun* nhé.

S* Book, formerly FBook, is an online bookstore developed by VEU for Sunner to exchange, borrow, and review books. Currently, there are many Sunners participating and many books have been put on the system for everyone to freely check out.

Take a look at S* Book and do not forget to join this extremely hot book review contest to receive attractive gifts:

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Giải thưởng siêu to khổng lồ cho cuộc thi review sách trên S*book

The organizers will soon send you the recommendation of good book series for 3 individual awards, the winners can choose any series with the same value.

In particular, with VND 100,000 each voucher, you can freely celebrate the victory, especially for the group wining the collective prize, they can have delicious and luxurious team building.

Coming to the Journey of youth - S*book review contest, each Sunner will have the opportunity to share and recommend 1 book that she/he likes. Books about travels, youth experiences, love stories, or life philosophies that any young person encounters... Those are all valuable emotions that book lovers can share in this contest.

Chỉ với 3 bước đơn giản bạn đã có thể tham gia cuộc thi để chia sẻ về cuốn sách yêu thích của mình rồi

You may ask how a book review is rated, right? It is not necessary to be a very long article, nor too elaborate and poetic one. It is just a simple and sincere sharing of the book you like which is enough to convey your message and feelings. If possible, share your personal experience with your book too.

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Don’t forget to fill in the link to your post in this form so the organizers can sum up:

To make our youth journey full of dreams, to smile every time we look back because we have lived our best, let's share our story together and record the interesting experiences of life through this meaningful contest.

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