Can we truly love two people in this world at once?

There are books that keep people thinking a lot. And this is a book like that…

The day before, I attended a pretty good club in my company, named Le La Quan. When I first joined it, it seemed that I had missed quite a lot of good things when I did not go there earlier in the previous sharing. I can’t believe just a short "gossip" can provoke so many thoughts in me. And because of being curious, I immediately order the book "Tìm mảnh ghép thiếu (Finding the missing piece)" by An Kha to read, and then keep struggling to find the answer to the question "Can we truly love two people in this world at once?".

I'm 25 years old too, but unlike Duy (the protagonist), I am not a boy, my hair and clothes are not style, I like the job I am doing but it is just ok. My life doesn't have unreal but perfect pieces like Duy's. However, I still understand Duy somewhat, because just like him, I am looking for the missing piece - the love of my life.

A few years ago, when I was study in college, I met the one I love fatefully and thought that it would last for the rest of my life. For several years, we fell in love, we were happy, and went through so many memories together, until the day I discovered that the boy I really loved cheated me. When I asked him the reason why he did that, I received an answer that until now I still can't explain it:

"I really love you, but I love her too!".

He didn't choose anyone, me or her, he compromised to be with both of us, but I chose to let go. Because sharing my love with another girl is something I can no do.

After all, we do everything to be close to the person we love. Once people are no longer in love, they will find a way to leave.

Excerpts Find missing pieces - Ngo An Kha

Since then, I have been struggling on the journey to find a suitable piece. I also hurt some people then, not because I haven't forgotten my ex. Perhaps it's because no one has made me feel really safe to forget the question that I always keep in my heart and the old hurt.

So, when I heard about the book, then read through the last page, I had a lot of thoughts for myself. Perhaps, love can be for more than one person at a time and of course, it is a true, sincere love (perhaps?). Just like the character Vi Xia Bao in the old Chinese film, for example, he has 10 wives and still loves them all. But, that’s life, we can’t predict the future. Yeah, now come, then go, but what’s next? Yeah, the sun is nice, but thunderstorms and storms can come at any time. We find the missing piece, maybe that piece is somewhere next to us, but it may already belong to somewhere we haven't been to. People always advise others that just keep looking, maybe the missing piece is looking for us, then the two matching pieces will come together.

Something about “Tìm mảnh ghép thiếu” (Finding the missing piece)

We are no longer new to the name An Kha or Ngô Đình Anh Khoa (from the Design Unit) of our company. However, to be honest, it is not until now that I know An Kha is a writer who has published two books. So that's why I read this book “Finding the missing piece”.

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In Finding the missing piece, the character Duy is a twenty-five-year-old guy, having undercut hair, and a six-pack body. He is a secretary of the editorial board of a famous entertainment magazine. Duy likes to draw pictures and gathers with his wonderful friends in pubs at the weekend. In general, Duy is the type of dynamic, energetic boy that many girls now like. Duy's life is described as a picture with many pieces, it is thought to be perfect and full but actually it is missing the only piece. That is love.

It can be said that Finding the missing piece is the journey to find happiness and value for each person, including Duy. The process of finding the love piece of Duy is the journey to find the beautiful soul of a guy who used to have an immoral lifestyle.

After reading Finding the missing piece, it is like an eye-opener for me about the exciting world of journalism, painting, cocktails, Asian - European culture, or to seek empathy from people who like traveling, oversea students, gay or single mother,...

Reading this book, I can imagine that the author is a rather smart and profound guy. Some passages are very mischievous and humorous, and some passages bring you really deep emotions. Overall, for an economist like An Kha, it is truly impressive to publish a book about love. Even though the book has been published for 4 years, at this point, when I read the book, I find it is so much like my story and feel for the honest narratives.

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Well, it's been a long time since I've read a book within 2 days, just because I can see myself in it. When we are young, many of us are trying to find a missing piece. It could be a "happy ending" love. It can also be a stable job. It can also be something, as long as it makes you feel good enough. But always try to enjoy this life in a meaningful way, because if you are happy every moment, at some point in your life, you will no longer feel missing!

If there is something you want to say, comment below, maybe we can be missing pieces of each other (haha).

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