CEO Kobayashi Taihei's letter to Sunners during Covid-19 season

As everyone know, right after the outbreak of Covid-19 in Vietnam, the Board of Directors have always updated the news and made timely notices to all members of Sun*.

 Although not directly being in Vietnam these days, Mr. Taihei - CEO of Sun* has been following the disease situation in Vietnam closely and giving necessary instructions, and below is a message from Mr. Taihei to the Sun* members in this difficult time: 

Hello all Sun* members. I am Kobayashi Taihei. 

As you know through the press, from mid-February, the COVID-19 epidemic (official name by WHO), also known as acute pandemic pneumonia due to a new strain of corona virus has spread to all over the world. In response to that situation, our company has taken the following measures: 

- Cases of fever over 37.5 degrees are required to notify the BA and rest at home. 

- Wear a mask anytime, anywhere. However, due to the limited number of masks, the company encourages you to use personal masks 

- Wash hands antiseptically before entering the office

 - The company encourages those who look after the children at home due to school breaks to reduce working time or work remotely at home 

- Minimize business trips during this period of time, in irresistible cases, self-isolating and working remotely at home for at least 1 week 

- Instruct customers to disinfect hands before entering the office 

- Avoid crowded gatherings, do not participate in outside events, etc. 

In addition, after considering the impact of travelling as well as the increasing number of infected cases, Sun* office in Japan has began remote working method since mid-February. 

At the same time, in Vietnam, according to press information, I learned that the number of people infected near the company area was small, at one time the infected were completely cured. Therefore, I identified the risk of infection as low, and have not applied the method of working remotely with offices in Vietnam. 

However, from March 8, 2020, the number of infected cases in Vietnam, including Hanoi City, has been increasing. Although the Vietnamese government is taking positive measures to cope with the epidemic, on the company's side, in order to avoid the spread on a large scale, the company encourages people to work remotely between March 8 and March 20. 2020. 

Working remotely may disturb your families, however with the thought of protecting you as well as your families is important thing, I hope you understand. and cooperate with the company to contribute to the prevention of widespread disease outbreaks. Regarding the next plan, after reviewing the situation on March 18, 2020, the company will continue to inform you. 

Each Sun* member please pays attention to people who were seriously affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, prays for the infected people to recover quickly, and with the optimistic spirit, always look forward, let's take this as an opportunity for us to test the different ways of working. Facing the current epidemic situation, although we are all in the unsafe mood, the company believes that if all Sun* members act with a clear mind to make Awesome things, the world will also become brighter. 

Let's try our best together to overcome it! Wassoi !!! 


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