The official theme of Sun* Annual Awards 2023

SAA - Sun* Annual Awards is coming with a lot of anticipation and excitement from Sunners in three regions. The program's theme is always one of the most interesting things. Let's find out the most accurate answer about this year's program theme through the article below!

2023, an exceptional year...

After dealing with challenges posed by external factors, perhaps this is the most opportune time for us to discuss the story of the future. The world we live in has changed forever, presenting myriad new challenges and puzzles that demand our agility, quick-wittedness, passion, and an unyielding desire to conquer. The creators of Sun* possess all of these qualities - they are free-spirited souls carrying lofty dreams within, contributing to the transformation of the world through the creation of awesome values.

The Sun* Annual Awards 2023: Flow to Horizon uses imagery that is poetic yet filled with the power of thousands of flows converging toward the horizon to continue telling the everlasting tale of the Sun* spirit. No ocean is formed from a single flow, just as the collective "flow" of Sun* power is formed by the individual flows of our members. Within each of these flows, we have our own stories, and our own adventures, but when merged together, all flows head toward the same horizon, towards a shared dream, whether we are in Vietnam, Japan, or any geographical location in the world.

"Just beyond the horizon of the so-called impossible is infinite possibility."

Bryant H. McGill

The most magical and meaningful aspect of an adventure is perhaps the fact that none of us knows what awaits us beyond the distant horizon. Yet, with the passionately burning hearts of the creators, and a steadfast belief in the chosen path, we are certain that no storm can hinder the strides of our flow in conquering the grand dreams along the horizon.

On this journey, we, as creators, are creating an endless adventure together. Each nautical mile we traverse marks new milestones, and every success or failure is a noteworthy and cherished achievement. The salty sea breeze, scorching sunlight, or raging storms do not make us falter but, on the contrary, they fortify each Sun* individual, making them more resilient, courageous, agile, and creative. From this, we further trust in the chosen voyage because the path to the grand dream is never an easy one to tread.

And on the journey toward the seemingly impossible horizon, we know that we will accomplish myriad possible things.

Further information about the event (registration instructions, content disclosure, details, etc.) will be continuously updated to Sunners at Sun* News and internal communication channels.

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