Corner of Sun*: A Dev man with the soul of an artist

At Sun *, many members possess musical talent and so does he. In the midst of hustling and bustling Saigon, once in a blue moon there is a relieving time to listen to him playing the guitar and singing...

At Sun * Ho Chi Minh, the name Thanh Loc is no stranger. He is a diligent Developer of EUV3. If you talk to Loc, you will find him gentle and fun. Everyday, being near Loc is like you are being provided with a positive energy.

In addition to his IT job, Loc's life is intertwined with music. Because of his endless passion for music,  Loc has been famous as veteran singer at Sun * Ho Chi Minh office for a long time. Any parties of the office would be incomplete without the singing voice of Thanh Loc.

Sometimes afterwork, Loc chooses himself a small corner at the office, playing the guitar and singing his favorite songs, making everyone in the office feel strangely peaceful. Rarely will you have such moments in the heart of the splendid  day-to-night hustling Saigon.

Loc shared about his passion: “I’ve been singing for a long time, since I was a kid. The artistic prowess must run in the blood of my family. As for the guitar, I started playing at grade 12 after taking the university entrance exam. I practiced by myself instead of participating in any class. After entering university, I joined the Guitar Club of my school. There were many big brrs playing the guitar, singing well, so I broadened experiences and gradually practiced by myself. I think the motivation must be my passion for music (laughs)."

Only when we asked Loc did we discover that from high school to university, Loc participated in many different big and small music competitions, but perhaps the biggest and most memorable one that he ever experienced is The Voice 2018.

Referring to this, Loc shared that: “At first I didn't plan to take the exam because I thought I was not capable enough for such a big program, but a close friend of mine was so enthusiastic that I decided to join just for fun. At The Voice, candidates would have to pass 3 audition rounds before the official recording round.

I was luckier than my friend since I passed the first 2 auditions, yet on the 3rd round, I failed. Although I could not enter the recording round, I think this is an interesting and memorable experience in my life. "

Thanh Loc in a program of Sun* Ho Chi Minh

When  Sun * News asked him if he had won a high prize in the competition that year, what would his life be like now, Loc answered right away: "I will still live like I do now".

For Loc, music is just his hobby and passion, not a life-long direction. In addition, showbiz is not the right place for him to put his foot on. Therefore, his life will always be as peaceful as it is now even though Loc is praised with the title of Idol, singer or any other beautiful names.

Loc pursues the IT field to freely discover technology in smartphones as well as create mobile applications that are really useful for everyone. Determined to follow his own orientation, Loc is now sitting here, right in the office of Sun * Ho Chi Minh as an iOS Developer who is always well appreciated by colleagues and leaders. Moreover, he is also striving every day to not only become a talented developer and thereafter a core leader of the company.

At Ho Chi Minh office, Loc carries out a weighty responsibility, which is the Head of the Branch Culture Department . Loc happily shared the reason for taking this role: “In the branch, everyone gets along very well, is always sincere and close beyond the relationship among colleagues. Everyone sees each other as such a family! Because I love the environment and my colleagues, as well as desire to bring many connecting activities at the branch, I take this role.”

Loc and his teammates have brought many interesting activities and programs to Sun* Ho Chi Minh colleaguess.

In his position, Loc is always concerned about how to make branch culture strong and have its own color: “In the coming time, I will try to maintain and develop the bonding among branch members through more special activities."

Sun* News wish Loc will soon fulfill his own aspirations and be more successful in his career!

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If you have read the articles of Humans of Hanoi, Humans of Saigon, you will probably appreciate the simple storytelling style, the simple writing style and the good values behind those stories. Inspired by those stories, subsection Corner of Sun* (under the category Sun* Face) was created to explore, share and preserve small yet inspirational stories in Sunners' daily life and work, to make each of us love one another more and be proud of ourselves as a piece in a wonderful community.

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