Corner of Sun*: Guys, I miss Sun* so bad!

It has been more than 2 weeks working remotely at home, do you miss the Sun*? What makes you miss the most of Sun* now?

Nearly 2 years working at Sun *, I never thought the company would work remotely for such a long time. It has been nearly 3 weeks passed already.

The first week of working remotely, I feel happy to be at home, free to work, I don't need to rush to check in every morning. Then to the 3rd week, that feeling gradually disappeared, although it is familiar to work from home now, I always fell restless and worry.

When I wake up this morning, I miss my daily way to work, I miss the employee ID card still lying inside my motorbike, I miss the "Thank you" sound every time I checkin in the morning, I miss the sleepy faces of my teammates when they walked into the office door, miss the crush's smiling eyes whenever she went to take some water near my seat and miss the rattling keyboard typing whenever the team fixed bugs.

I miss Sun* when every busy morning of the daily meeting, the energetic “Wassoii” of everyone from one area to another; Every afternoon, my team would order milk tea to drink together or when the work is finished, I would stretch my shoulders and smile happily "Phew ... no more bugs left".

I wonder if you have the same feeling as me? The feeling that made me say, "Wow ... I miss Sun* so much! Rightnow, I just want the disease to be over soon so I can go to work".

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If you have read the articles of Humans of Hanoi, Humans of Saigon, you will probably love the natural narrative style, the simple writing style and the good values behind those stories. Inspired by those stories, the Corner of Sun* (under the category of Sun* Face) was created to exploit, share and keep small inspiring stories in the daily life and work of Sunners. This is for each of us to love each other and be proud of ourselves as a part of this awsome organization.

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