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Hello, I'm Tuan Anh - a PHP programmer from Engineering Unit Vietnam 2. Because of a genetic disease that weakens my leg muscles, I have to use a wheelchair for transportation, encountering many difficulties in travelling as well as my limbs are not as flexible as many people.

I came to Sun * as it was meant to…

I was born in 1997 and have graduated from University of Technology - Hanoi National University.

I still remember in the second year of university, 2 software engineers of Sun * (then Framgia) were invited to my Software Engineering class by Lecturer Truong Anh Hoang to share and discuss with students. Because of my inferiority complex, at that time, I did not even dare to think about working at any company.

I have graduated from University of Technology - Hanoi National University.

It was not until 2018 was I forced to choose a place of internship to complete my specialized internship credits. At that time, Sun* once again came to me with Intern recruitment information. After considering carefully, I boldly sent register email and luckily, after only a few hours, Ms. Khanh (HR Department) replied with a letter of information on the test that would be done directly at the company.

After a week, I went to Sun *  and was interviewed by a graduate at my school. Passing the HR interview round and magically, I officially became Sun* Ruby Intern on July 2, 2018.

My teammates when I was a Ruby Intern

After a long time studying and practicing coding skills in this position while studying to complete the university program until March 18, 2019, I interviewed to join Unit and became a probationary at Engineering Unit Vietnam 2 on the day after my birthday - March 26, 2019.

After studying at Edu and challenging myself with 2 months of probation in EUV2, I officially became an employee of Sun * on June 4th, 2019.

I was given the official employee card in a meaningful program

Since my first day at the company, I have always received enthusiastic support and guidance from Edu bros so that I can practice more knowledge and skills essential to complete the assigned tasks.

Ruby on Rails trainers like Mr. Huy Hung C, Mr. Thang, Ms. Huong B taught me the very first knowledge and skills about web programming while I only have a little self-study  yet not exact knowledge. The students who participated in the Intern course that year also helped and discussed a lot of necessary knowledge and skills through seminars, then we practiced together for the interview to move to the Unit.

The challenge probably came to me when I moved to Keangnam's office and participated in a project that had been developed for a long time. When I first got the job, looking at the source code of the project, I was a bit overwhelmed by the complexity and the number of files as well as the code of the project. However, under the enthusiastic help of the Group Leader, Team Leader and my colleagues in the project, I gradually learnt and completed tasks from simple to complex.

Difficulties are many, yet I am always happy because my family, friends and colleagues are here to help me wholeheartedly!

During my time working at the company, I not only received the support from my colleagues, but above all, the help and care from everyone. When travelling from home to work and vice versa, my sister spends most of her time and effort taking me to work every day. That is probably the thing that worries me the most because not only can I not walk on my own feet, but it has caused my sister to struggle to do the travelling job for me and become my second legs for a very long time. Everyone at the company also understands my situation hence encouraging and supporting me every day.

I took a break from work at Sun* for 2 months (last June and July) and since August onwards, the company has enabled me to both work remotely at home and participate directly in the project. I am extremely grateful to the company and the Leaders. 

At Sun *, I also have the opportunity to learn, discover and work directly with PHP and Laravel - a new technology that I have never experienced before. My colleagues in the Group have given enthusiastic guidance and support so that I could quickly learn new technology.

During the remote time, I was still assigned to participate in a few PHP projects in Mr. Tan's Group, Daily Report project and then projects with many different phases. Fortunately, everyone instructed enthusiastically, reviewed in detail and carefully for me to be more complete at work.

This is my company building. Sun* is located on the 13th floor.

Never have I ever thought of giving up!

Since a very early age, I have determined that I will study information technology. Even now, when I can no longer walk, I still love this job and want to pursue it for my whole life. I will always do my best to pursue my passion for programming, therefore, I have never thought of giving up.

In addition to my passion for code, my family is also a great motivator to help me overcome difficulties. I am originally a timid, shy and low self-esteem person about my own shortcomings. But my family has always been there to encourage, and together with the brothers and sisters at Sun * to create opportunities for me to continue to pursue my current path. In particular, during the past 10 years, my sister has always been my companion in my study and work. Hence, I always remind myself to change for the better every day to be worthy of her great sacrifices.

I have many dreams. In general, what I want the most now is everyone in the family can be at peace, I myself stay healthy and focus all energy and spirit to develop knowledge and capacity day by day to contribute to Sun * and head for good things.

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If you have read the articles of Humans of Hanoi, Humans of Saigon, you will probably appreciate the simple storytelling style, the simple writing style and the good values behind those stories. Inspired by those stories, subsection Corner of Sun* (under the category Sun* Face) was created to explore, share and preserve small yet inspirational stories in Sunners' daily life and work, to make each of us love one another more and be proud of ourselves as a piece in a wonderful community.

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