Corner of Sun*: "I find pink beautiful!"

There is a weird fact that people often assume that pink (or colorful colors) is for girls, and black (or cool colors) is for boys. However, at Sun*, there is a guy who likes pink. Sometimes, what people like is simply because they like it!

Why your desk is full of pink stuff?

That day, I ordered a mirror to put on my desk, for a personal reason I wanna keep it a secret. But for some reason, they mistakenly sent the Hello Kitty mirror and even the pink one. Then, just because of the pink mirror, I have to buy everything pink then to make it tone-sur-tone to the mirror. Later I find pink looks okay. Sometimes I even find it beautiful.

Has anyone teased or made fun of you?

I don't really care !

Will you still buy pink things?

As long as they are useful! 

Corner of Sun * - We talk about us

If you have read the articles of Humans of Hanoi, Humans of Saigon, you will probably love the natural narrative style, the simple writing style and the good values behind those stories. Inspired by those stories, the Corner of Sun* (under the category of Sun* Face) was created to exploit, share and keep small inspiring stories in the daily life and work of Sunners. This is for each of us to love each other and be proud of ourselves as a part of this awsome organization.

Please share your most favorite story (it could be a quote, an action or a moment that you feel emotional about) with pictures (if any) and send it HERE 

Or there is a simpler way, which is to contact the "smiling girl" of Sun* News (Bui Dieu Linh: to share and spread your story! ^^

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