Despite the pandemic, a series of ISTQB Foundation and Agile Testing certificates arrived at Sun*

During the stressful period of the pandemic, although working at the office is not possible, the spirit of learning and sharing knowledge in the Sun* community remained extremely bustling. In just a short period of time, a series of ISTQB Foundation and Agile Testing certifications have arrived at Sun*.

The strong development of staff's "quality" is one of the important goals of Sunners. In the new development phase, CEVs promote human training by organizing courses, seminars, workshops to share new knowledge, apply the Agile mindset, New Git Flow in projects as well as create opportunities for members to gain more international certifications such as ISTQB, Agile Testing, AWS Associate, Azure, PSM,....

Recently, despite the complicated situation caused by the pandemic, the learning atmosphere at Sun* is still very exciting. In addition to the regular knowledge-sharing and training activities through Hangouts, many Sunners have gotten their fruitful results, especially international certifications such as ISTQB Foundation and Agile Testing.

Here are a few notable individuals who have recently received international certifications at Sun*:

Cong C - ISTQB Foundation Certificate

Tram - ISTQB Foundation Certificate

Danh - ISTQB Foundation Certificate

Quyen - ISTQB Foundation Certificate

Trinh - ISTQB Foundation Certificate

Thao - Agile Testing Certificate

Hoa - Agile Testing Certificate

An - Agile Testing Certificate

Thuy - Agile Testing Certificate

Luyen - Agile Testing Certificate

It was thought that the pandemic would discourage Sunners' learning spirit. But no, one of the most apparent proofs of Sun*'s unyielding spirit is the series of international IT certifications that Sunners had obtained in recent times.

Congratulations to everyone!

Hopefully, we all will maintain the "Go Fast" spirit to fulfill our personal development goals, and grow more and more with Sun*!

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