Fall in love with the artworks of the "female painters" of the Sun* family

Not only "good at office work - good at housework", the girls of Sun* also possess many talents, including painting. Join Sun* News in learning about this "colorful world" of Sun*!

At Sun*, outside of work, we have met Sunners in many different roles, from singers, dancers, YouTubers, even chefs, and now...artists. When it comes to painting, it seems that the Sun* girls have the upper hand. Let's learn about the special "artists" of Sun*!

Name: Sao Mai

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Title - Unit: QA - CEV12

Hobbies: Traveling, music, painting

Number of whorl fingerprints: Probably none ^^

Favorite colors: White, black and green

A beautiful name and a “sunny” smile are the features that Sao Mai (QA) from CEV12 possesses. In addition to the main job of a QA, Mai - a Gemini girl - has a passion for discovering new things. She likes to listen to melodious music and likes to record moments that she considers the most beautiful in her beautiful watercolor paintings.

Mai's watercolor paintings remind us of photocards. Each painting is a different poetic scene, sometimes it’s the Eiffel Tower of the magnificent Paris, sometimes it’s a tree-lined street, but sometimes it’s just a small door frame, drooping with white bougainvillea.

Sao Mai's little paintings

Coming to painting by chance and not having any professional training, Mai mainly taught herself and practiced painting according to YouTube or Instagram tutorials. And for the last year, beautiful paintings were made, one after another, carrying her passionate heart.

"I originally painted with oil crayons. But when I got on Instagram, I saw many artists using watercolors and they were so eye-catching. I thought I could also do it, so I bought a set of watercolors with acrylic colors. And it’s already been 1 year of me teaching myself how to paint!" - Mai shared

Mai likes to tinker with sketches in such small photocard-sized frames, but many of her works take a lot of time. Mai said that when painting, the most important thing is emotion because if her mood goes 'down', the painting will look very bad.

"My first watercolor painting is called Leave the door open, at that time I was addicted to the song of the same name, so when I finished painting it, I thought that my painting was very beautiful and I was very satisfied!"

Sao Mai brings "beautiful emotions" to her paintings
Một cô gái có tâm hồn phong phú và nhiều màu sắc phải không các bạn?

Admittedly, Mai is very gifted since her paintings are very soulful. However, Mai is always modest.

"This hobby helps me become more patient, calmer and is a very good stress-reliever in my busy life. If a clumsy person like me can, anyone can paint. It doesn’t require any significant talent! ^^"

Name: Ha My

Zodiac sign: Libra

Title - Unit: CSM CEV09 - HRV Unit

Hobbies: Painting, crafting, playing guitar, arranging flowers, gardening, house remodeling, sewing and playing with cats.

Number of whorl fingerprints: 3

Favorite colors: Blue, red, purple, yellow, cyan, indigo, white, black

Ha My is a fairly new face at Sun*, possessing the impressive talent in "music, chess, poetry, painting". Currently, My is taking on the role of a HR Strategic officer and a CSM at CEV09. With many tasks at the company, and coming home to the dozens of responsibilities of a mother of two, everyone will be "stunned" to meet My - an optimistic, always cheerful, beautiful CSM and above all, a Libra girl with admirable talent in painting.

My's hobby of painting started very randomly when she took her child to the art club a few years ago. While waiting for her child, she borrowed a canvas and tried to paint. Suddenly, painting became her hobby until now.

Ha My’s artworks
Ha My’s painting for her grandparents

My confided that the love for painting came so unexpectedly, so her inspiration for painting often comes from the most simple and rustic things: the love for the colorful life around her. My often chooses familiar subjects from her own life, from her family and friends, from the scenery around the house to her beloved pet. My is not picky about colors, as long as she feels it’s beautiful, her paintings will automatically become vivid.

Being an optimistic person, thinking positively both in her life and in her job as a CSM, that positive spirit sometimes creeps into My’s paintings. My joked: "No one has bought my paintings yet, but if one day, even if there's just only one buyer, that's probably gonna be my happiest memory!"

Most of the artworks hanging in her house are painted by My

For My, emotions, space or time are not the most important factors when it comes to painting. Health is. There were times when she sat all day trying to paint, and sometimes she fiddled with each painting for 2-3 days. She needs good health to be able to paint. Many times, even though she loves to draw, has a lot of emotions, has time and space, but if her health does not allow it, it is not certain that she can hold a brush to paint a complete work.

Despite turning to painting as a mere hobby in life, but My really cherish it. Because painting gives her a feeling of happiness when the artworks she created are received and appreciated, and they also bring a feeling of happiness to everyone she loves.

Name: Thanh Phan

Zodiac sign: Libra

Title - Unit: HR (BPO) - Sun* Japan

Hobbies: Painting, watching movies, joining community groups, learning some other things

Number of whorl fingerprints: None at all!

Favorite colors: Sky blue, navy blue

Nearly 4000km away, let's meet with another female painter of Sun* - Thanh Phan. Currently, Thanh is taking on the role of HR (BPO) at Sun* Japan office.

Fallen in love with Japanese culture and people, Thanh's paintings also contain many scenes of the poetic landscape in this country.

Like everyone else, Thanh was taught to draw since elementary school, when she was trying things out with crayons. And her interest in painting grows as this Libra girl matures.

"Recently, I happened to see a girl painting 4コマ (a type of short comic-style painting with 4 consecutive pictures). I also have been listening to a podcast called "Nghe Noi La" of a friend, in which there is an episode talking about children drawing pictures, so I was inspired to try drawing. Amongst my relatives, there are also some people who are gifted at painting, but it is not true to say that I inherited the talent because I feel that I am bad at drawing, I may be good at mix-matching color schemes." - Thanh confessed.

The recent painting "Mid-Autumn Festival" by Thanh Phan.
Những bức vẽ mang đậm phong cách Nhật Bản và một phong cách phối màu ấn tượng.

Thanh has always been a lover of ehon paintings or gentle paintings, or works of Ghibli but she does not idolize any particular artist. All of Thanh's paintings are improvised, inspired from small moments in life. Sometimes inspirations come on a special occasion like June 1 (Children’s Day), sometimes by chance, she sees a beautiful photo that makes her feel inspired or simply it’s her miscellaneous thoughts, and endless sketches that create a complete painting.

Thanh often chooses to paint with an App, but she chooses pencils, watercolors or powder colors because these will help Thanh best express the ideas she wants. Painting is a basic hobby in Thanh's life, her paintings are not fussy and complicated with any big ideas, so usually, Thanh only takes 10-15 minutes to complete a painting.

"For example, when I draw the sky, it's very difficult for me to draw bird wings. The reason is that I draw with my phone, and the screen is small, so I have to zoom in all the way. Recently, I drew the night sky. At first, it took forever and I still couldn’t get the look I wanted. After that, I saw that my friend uploaded a picture of the night sky, so I took it as a reference and drew again. But counting the stars took a bit of time ^^" - Thanh talked about a memorable memory in the process of her own painting.

The paintings are very pure and peaceful.

For Thanh, emotion is the most important factor when starting to draw. Because a good idea doesn’t guarantee that Thanh can draw a satisfactory work. Thanh shared: "Drawing helps me relieve a lot of stress, especially symmetrical drawing. Even though I don't know what to draw, just drawing something symmetrical can help me relax and come up with something good to look at. You’d know if you try! ^^"

Name: My Linh

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Title - Unit: IC Officer - HRV Unit

Hobbies: Traveling, watching movies, listening to music, painting and loves to sleep in

Number of whorl fingerprints: None LOL

Favorite colors: White and purple

Linh is a petite girl from the internal communication team (IC Group). Few people know that, in addition to being quick at tasks involving numbers, this Aquarius girl also has an extremely strong passion for painting, especially landscape paintings.

Sharing with Sun* News, Linh said that from a young age, she has been very interested in colors and beautiful painting, so whenever she has free time, Linh makes friends with colored paper and crayons. Over time, it becomes a habit, a hobby and above all, a strong passion. However, around Linh, not many people, including her family, are as passionate about painting as she is.

Linh often immerses herself in landscape paintings, especially landscape paintings with a wide view and space, because they give her the feeling that she is seeing a beautiful scene that is really present in front of her eyes. Any beautiful scenery, whether through experiences from her travels or charming scenes shown on TV, Linh tries to "capture" them through her paintings.

Linh can draw in pencil and watercolor, but uses acrylic paints on canvas most of the time because of her ability to mix and create colors, a variety of ways to draw and create blocks, fresh colors, and the ability to keep very beautiful paintings in a long time.

With daily work that involves a lot of paperwork and data, Linh always tries to be careful and thorough, even with the smallest task. Perhaps that is why, when it comes to painting, whenever she puts down a brush to paint, Linh puts all her heart and emotions into it. So even though the painting may not be beautiful, she herself cherished it a lot. Sometimes it takes a whole day to finish a painting, yet Linh still feels excited and extremely focused on completing her work.

Linh shared: "Painting is a very good healing method for me. Normally when I find myself in need of mental or emotional stability, I like to draw. About 5-6 hours of painting is a precious time for me to focus completely on my hobbies, not thinking about anything that has happened, not paying attention to most of the influences around me. After that, my mind will also be cleared and my spirit will also be much better. I will even have a more open, positive view of the problems that I am facing.

Everyone has their own personal preferences, doesn’t matter if it’s painting, cooking, taking care of plants, sports or playing games, as long as you find it interesting and that hobby brings positive energy. I hope everyone will always maintain their own hobbies ^^"

In addition to painting, Linh also has another hobby related to painting, which is designing costumes from flowers and leaves. She uses crayons to draw the figure and contour the outfit, then uses the flowers in her family, arranges them and fixed them with candle glue to create her own outfits based on the characteristics and features of each flower.

Linh also creates from many different materials.

Our Sun* family is indeed full of talented people. Talented not only in their field of work but also in their hobbies. Hopefully, you will always keep this passion, which is also a way to spread positive energy to yourself and those around you, especially during this pandemic.

Wishing you all the best in life!