Get surprised with the super intriguing reading activities at Sun*

Only by asking do we discover that reading activities have been like a smoldering fire, creeping and enlightening many individuals, teams, groups and units at Sun*. Everyone fancies books, everyone reads books. The reading culture has been expanding and developing strongly, creating a positive and sheer joy for everyone.

Reading has long become a habit, even a goal, that many Sunners set for themselves. However, in order to create a vibrant movement, spread a strong reading spirit, and connect people, it is not until now that Sun* people respond actively and vividly. The reading culture was filled with excitement and enthusiasm from all.

At Sun * Hanoi

The first is probably the boys and girls from QA2 - EUV2. Instead of organizing offline book sharing sessions, realizing that each member of the birthday month is given many interesting books from the company, the QA2 culture development team has launched an online book review project on their Facebook group.

Thanks to this activity, QA2's Facebook Group has been booming in the past 2 months. Members eagerly read and share the books they were given or bought themselves. When one person shares, the other one asks to borrow. It’s enough to see how much QA2 loves books!

Each review is sometimes a few pages long, yet they are also enthusiastically welcomed by QA2 members. Ms. Ngoc Huyen - one of the members launching the project shared: "They shared a lot of books of different genres. Even though they are technology people, their writing capacity is no less than those following Block C, D. (Vietnamese University Entrance Exam has different test blocks, with the Block C consisting of History, literature and geography and Block D of  Foreign languages, mathematics, and literature. Both Blocks contain Literature; therefore; students who choose these two blocks are often good at literature). I often joke that in the future when they do not work as a QA, they can change jobs to write reviews for online book pages."

Making use of online tools to share great books with other members is also the way that Sunners of GEU have been doing during the last time. With the specificity that the majority of the Education Department staff are Japanese teachers, GEU considers reading as one of the more essential habits than ever.

But just sitting around and reading a book seems pretty boring. GEU has been very creative in connecting its employees through reading activities because you know, each teacher has a different teaching hour, there are even teachers at different universities in three regions. Therefore, they rarely have the opportunity to chat or meet to share books like other units. This is probably one of the activities to help GEU members connect more tightly with one another. 

GEU Culture Development Team has built a bookcase for reading promotion, launching the #HappyReading book review project with each member's interesting books, then shared it on the company's S* Book page, or reading challenge with the cosplay of book covers also made everyone excited to participate.

At Sun * Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City

There's no need to argue about the benefits of reading and sharing books. At the two offices Sun* Da Nang and Sun * Ho Chi Minh, this activity is also maintained regularly, both to create a space for connecting members, and a place to store extremely valuable knowledge treasure.

Unlike QA2 and GEU, 2 branches in Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh develop the reading culture there through book review sessions or bookcases building in the office.

Regarding Ho Chi Minh branch, the branch cultural committee organizes a book sharing session for all members in the office every 1-2 months. Sometimes it can be a long Japanese novel or a self-help book that changes a person. All is wrapped up in more than 1 hour of sharing the content and feelings of members about the book they bring to the program.

For Da Nang, reading promotion bookcases is an intriguing highlight in the reading movement here. The books with many different content and genres are collected and shared by Sunners Da Nang themselves.

Interesting books in Sun * Da Nang's reading promotion bookshelves

Sunners can borrow and share great books with other Sunners here. The bookcase is located in a prime location, right at Freespace - where many members in the branch gather frequently, so it is easy and convenient whenever someone stops to "sip" a few pages.

It can be seen that these are simply small activities that contribute to the wonderful reading culture at Sun*.

Maintaining a culture of reading is not a short-term goal. Hopefully, the way that QA2, GEU, or Sun* Da Nang and Sun* Ho Chi Minh are doing, will be the inspiration to spread the love for books to the Sunners.

#toàn Sun* đọc sách