Have fun with trend and get super big gifts with the one-of-a-kind contest "Home travel - Safe and Fun"

The prize this time values up to VND 7,000,000! What could be happier than traveling and receiving amazing gifts at the same time!!! You have to join "Home travel - Safe and Fun" right away, Sunners!

In order to stay at home without boredom though all travel plans and life experiences are suspended because of COVID-19, today, let's "think outside the box" about a special trip right at our beloved home! And don't forget to participate in the contest "Home travel - Safe and Fun" to win super huge gifts for yourself and your Unit!

“Home travel - Safe and Fun” has a simple, easy-to-follow participation format, promising to create a unique, creative travel experience of our lives!

Take photos/videos and post them on Facebook publicly according to the instructions from the organizers of “Home travel - Safe and Fun”!

If you are “stuck” or haven't come up with any good ideas for your home trip, then take a look at some travel “styles” that anyone can do below!

The “travel with your... idol”

Bon Voyage with BTS!

The "body at home - soul in Sa Pa"

It's pretty chill here!

The “luxurious golfing with sky view”

Eh, where's the golf ball?

The "pack your suitcase and go"

Put me in a backpack, take me out of the capital, we leave the city together to avoid the fumes....

The “around the world with friends”

It’s Friday, let's go to Paris to visit the Eiffel Tower
Let's change things up at the weekend!
Let's sing the song together, we are going to cross the steep mountain pass, the high peak of Olym is still calling us to overcome many difficulties! LOL
Surfing is not a bad idea! Sam Son Beach or Do Son Beach, huh? (Photo: Viet Ha - Halo Travel)

Or some funny home travel ideas like these

Flying at home (Source: Dan Tri)
Is this Phoenix Ancient Town? (Source: 24h.com.vn)
Camping at home, how simple! (Source: Internet)
You can still surf at home (Source: CNN)
or climb to the top... (Source: CNN)

However, don't just limit yourself to simple ideas, "try a better way - try something new" with your own unique home travel photos or videos, so that everyone will have to say “awesome”!

Do not hesitate any longer, from now until EOD of September 23, 2021, participate in the "Home travel - Safe and Fun" contest to experience a special style of travel never before seen at Sun* and bring home awesome gifts!!


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