Here is a list of good movies for Sunner to entertain during the pandemic

Movies are always the go-to entertainment when we are stressed. Just a quiet space, a glass of water and a movie is enough to relieve us of all troubles in work and life. If you must stay at home for a long time due to the pandemic, watching movies is an effective form of entertainment to lift your spirits and eliminate the feeling of depression!

At present, there are many platforms to watch movies online with high picture and sound quality. The most typical streaming service is Netflix, you can use this application on your TV, computer or even smartphone. Sunners can easily choose whichever!

So what to watch now? Let Sun* News suggest some good movies to watch during the pandemic!


If you are a fan of horror movies, those that contain creepy elements, zombies like "The Walking Dead", you cannot ignore Kingdom, a series from the land of kimchi - Korea. And after "The Walking Dead", admittedly, this is an excellent series in the same rank as "Train to Busan".

However, different from the modern context, Kingdom has a very ingenious blend of the zombie genre, Korean ancient history and horror. The idea of placing a zombie epidemic in the Joseon era (1392-1910) is truly unique and impressive.

Kingdom is broadcast on Netflix and currently has released part 1, part 2 as well as the most recent sidequel titled Kingdom: Ashin of the North.

Girl from Nowhere

Girl from Nowhere is a Thai television series that debuted in 2018. The series revolves around Nanno, a mysterious girl who is both charming and cold-blooded. She has no clear origins and often moves to different schools with the aim of exposing dark stories, temptations, vices and painful social problems, especially prevalent amongst today's youth such as: school violence, jealousy, harming classmates,...

So far, Girl from Nowhere is a series that has received many award nominations and brought great resonance to the Thai cinema industry.

The series’ attraction is the perfect combination of fantasy, violence, and horror elements. Viewers are still unable to know Nanno's true identity in the end. Therefore, the audience can’t help but feel curious, and follow every detail to find out the mysteries.

Bravely exploiting an aching topic in society, each episode of Girl from Nowhere has its own message that makes it worth watching! Currently, 2 seasons of Girl from Nowhere are available on Netflix.


Fatherhood is inspired by Matthew Logelin's 2011 memoir - Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss & Love. The film tells the true story of a single dad navigating parenthood after his wife suddenly dies from a pulmonary embolism just a day after giving birth to their daughter, Maddy.

Last June, Fatherhood was rated as a great choice for "Father's Day" because of the meanings it conveys. With a message connecting fatherhood, the love and sacrifice of a father with the desire to give his children the best.

Fatherhood has both touching and humorous elements, to deliver to viewers the most genuine feelings of fatherhood. This movie is available on Netflix!

Blood Red Sky

The “heat” of Blood Red Sky cannot be denied when this horror movie is the most watched of the day on Netflix global in general and Netflix Vietnam in general.

With its unique content, violent and eye-catching action scenes with a tint of horror, the film immediately took over the Trending chart even though it was just released on July 23.

Blood Red Sky is about a plane that is suddenly attacked by terrorists. However, the special thing is that there are 2 unusual passengers on this flight, a mother and her daughter, who appear throughout the film. After being unfortunately hit by a bullet from a terrorist, the mother suddenly transforms into a creepy vampire monster. And since then, the whole flight turned into a bloody war.

The movie pacing is slow, fully explaining the cause, what has happened and is happening. Once the audience has grasped the introduction, the movie's rhythm changes to more intense and dramatic until the last minute.

Emily In Paris

Emily in Paris is about Emily, an American girl who was working for a pharmaceutical marketing company in Chicago (USA). Since her boss suddenly became pregnant, she was chosen instead to go to Paris to work for a year

Here, she encounters difficulties and conflicts in lifestyle and language, but at the same time she also has interesting experiences during her time in this magnificent city.

Although it is an American series, Emily in Paris carries a clear French spirit. The most obvious "French" spirit of the series is the extremely charming and humorous element. Notably, needless to mention the plot of the film, viewers will immediately be attracted by the grandeur of Emily in Paris with its luxurious visual and eye-catching designs that will surely satisfy the audience. In addition, the poetic scenery of a magnificent Paris is also captured in Emily in Paris.

The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard 1

The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard is an American action comedy movie, released in 2017 (part 2 will be released this year).

The movie tells the story of Michael Bryce - an AAA-class bodyguard with a beautiful girlfriend, a luxurious house, a brilliant career until his client is killed right in front of his eyes. Two years later, his girlfriend left, he lost his house and his career was ruined, Michael became a reluctant bodyguard for a bunch of dirty lawyers with a smelly car.

Meanwhile, Darius Kincaid is a skilled assassin who decides to testify in court in exchange for the freedom of his aggressive wife under the intense pursuit of the dictator Vladislav Dukhovich. Fate brought Michael and Darius together in an impossible situation: Michael Bryce became Darius Kincaid's bodyguard on his way to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to testify.

Humorous mixed with action sequences will be wrapped up in 2 parts of The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard, the movie is now available on the Netflix.

Detective Chinatown 3

Detective Chinatown 3 is a detective comedy movie directed by Tran Tu Thanh. The work features two familiar faces, Luu Hao Nhien and Vuong Bao Cuong. The film is set in Japan, with the content revolving around the story of detective Tan Phong and his uncle Duong Nhan in Tokyo (The previous two parts of Detective Chinatown are set in Thailand and New York, respectively).

In part 3, director Tran Tu Thanh brings the audience to Japan with many new destinations, along with the combination of typical cultural features such as cosplay, sumo, kendo, yakuza, etc, which creates a rich panorama. This is also an important highlight of the movie as many viewers have not had the opportunity to go to Japan to experience the culture here, so it can effectively stimulate viewer’s curiosity and excitement.

Although it aired during the pandemic in early 2021, Detective Chinatown 3 still achieved admirable achievements in China.

Among these many choices, find yourself one or a few good movies to enjoy during this pandemic. If you have any interesting movies, please share them with Sun* News in the comments section below.

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