HOT: Information searching made easy thanks to Sun*Insight!

If you ever have trouble searching for information, announcements, policies or accessing the company’s internal applications, Sun*Insight is the powerful tool for you!

Working at Sun* requires us to work on many different platforms to complete our daily tasks. However, this is a challenge, as many Sunners have complained about the difficulty of having to “dive backward” into Chatwork to find announcements about regulations, policies, and company events while Chatwork continuously has new messages. Not only on Chatwork, inconvenience also frequently hits Sunners as the attendance management, device management, goal management systems are separated, making it hard for users to access and track when needed.

Understanding these difficulties, BAV proactively discussed and proposed ideas to develop a platform that allows Sunners to access all information and internal tools. Right after that, the idea was realized by BAV, R&D and DEU through a project called Sun*Insight. After a period of continuous work and testing, the internal Sun*Insight portal was officially launched and put into use on August 16, 2021.

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Official logo of Sun*Insight System

As the official internal portal of Sun Asterisk Vietnam (Sun* Vietnam), Sun*Insight provides users with all the official information of the company, including information on regulations, policies, announcements and news. With that mission in mind, Sun*Insight wants to deliver internal information to employees in the most transparent, fast and accurate way, helping Sunners to easily search and access official resources.

Sun*Insight System login screen

Not only a place to aggregate and store information, Sun*Insight also acts as a "central station" linked to all internal tools such as WSM, S*GAS, S*ASK, S *GOAL, SUN* NEWS,... promising to provide users with more convenient experiences.

As one of the members participating in the project from the very first days, on the day of the system's launch, Pham Tuan Anh (R&D Unit) excitedly shared: “Thanks to the support and rhythmic connection from BAV along with DEU's relentless creativity, especially the dedication in every task of the R&D Internal Development team, phase 1 of the project ended quite smoothly with the main aim of providing information to all Sunners quick and accurately. Hopefully, the project will soon be completed and more functions will be added to bring convenience to everyone. I hope that Sun*Insight will receive the trust, support as well as positive feedbacks from users so the team can perfect Sun*Insight."

Home screen of Sun*Insight System

To learn more about the Sun*Insight System, please click HERE

Currently, the system's features are still being developed and perfected, Sun*Insight's Board of Directors is looking forward to receiving feedback from Sunners. Please send us your comments HERE

*Note: In order for Sunners to get used to the new system, we will simultaneously send notifications on 2 channels: Chatwork and Sun*Insight in 2 working weeks. From August 30, 2021, the company's official information/news/regulations will ONLY be posted on Sun*Insight.

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