HOT: Install Sun* News app now and wait to receive many attractive gifts!

By just 3 simple steps, anyone can receive a gift on the official launch day of the Sun* News mobile application (Monday, June 8). So please read this article carefully in order not to miss the attractive gifts prepared by the Editorial Board of Sun* News!

Internal website Sun* News, launched in August 2019, provides real and useful information about life, people, cultural activities, research, development of technology products, and views on every aspect of the Sun* members' lives. During nearly a year of development, Sun* News has constantly improved, both in terms of content quality and appearance, as well as technical features to best meet the needs of Readers.

With the desire to create a better experience for everyone in updating hot and interesting news from Sun* News, the Sun* News Mobile App has been officially launched.

Download the application on your phone now, so you can update the latest news from Sun* News anywhere and anytime!

Instructions for installing Sun* News App

Here are 3 simple steps for Sunners to get extremely attractive gifts on the official launch day of Sun* News:

Step 1: Download the Sun* News app:

Option 1: You can download the application via the link corresponding to your phone operating system:
iOs opreating system
Android operating system

Option 2: You can scan the QR Code below to download.

QR code to open it directly on the app store

Option 3: You can directly access the app store on your phone which is App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android), search for keywords such as: Sun* News, Sun Asterisk News, Sun Asterisk, Sun News and download.

The interface after searching "Sun* News" on the app store of iOS and Android

Step 2: Login to the application with your Sun Asterisk G-Suite.

Select the language you want to use, then login with G-Suite account to continue using

Step 3: Turn on the notification and do not forget to access the Sun* News app right at the time of launching (8 pm on June 8) to receive surprising gifts.

Select "Allow" to turn on notifications

Only 2 days left, the Sun* News mobile application will be officially launched. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems, making it easy for Sunners to read Company news anytime and anywhere. Especially, ANYONE who opens and logins the app at the time of the official launch day will receive an interesting gift from the Editorial Board.

So everything is ready, please install the Sun* News app now and wait to receive the gift when you access the app on the official launch day, June 8!

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