HOT: Only by contributing an algorithm, Sunners have a chance to win a reward of up to 20 million VND!

From October 1, 2021 to November 30, 2021,, please join the Viblo Contribution Event 2021 - Be A Viblo Contributor For Code & CTF for a chance to win great gifts with a total value of up to VND20,000,000!!!!

Want to buy a new keyboard setup but your budget doesn't allow it? Then this article is for you! Let Viblo show you how to instantly buy a good setup for only 0 VND!

After 2 years, Viblo Code and Viblo CTF have been used by many users to search and solve problems. To expand the number of exercises as well as encourage user contribution, in October 2021, Viblo decided to launch the Contribute feature for Viblo Code and Viblo CTF, and launched an extremely attractive contest for Sunners in particular and Viblo users in general called Viblo Contribution Event 2021 "Be A Viblo Contributor For Code & CTF.


  1. Time: 1/10 - 30/11/2021
  2. Participants: All Viblo users
  3. How to participate: Contribute challenge on Viblo Code or contribute puzzle on Viblo CTF, then wait for Viblo admin to approve and rate your challenge/puzzle.
  4. Once approved, you will receive points according to the rank of each post.

Ranking points are as follows:

  • Rank F: 10 points
  • Rank E: 15 points
  • Rank D: 20 points
  • Rank C: 25 points
  • Rank B: 30 points
  • Rank A: 35 points
  • Rank S: 40 points

5. Requirements for participants:

For Viblo CTF: Puzzle with complete content + Write Ups

For Viblo Code: Challenge with complete content, description with Editorial + Sample Codes

After being approved, the user's challenge/puzzle will be ranked by the administrator according to the difficulty of the challenge/puzzle that the user contributed.

On each service, the top 3 users with the highest scores will receive valuable prizes as follows:


🏆 AKKO 3087 World Tour Tokyo keyboard values 2.200.000VND

🏆 Steelseries Rival 3 mouse values 900.000VND

🏆 Viblo backpack


🏆 AKKO 3087 World Tour Tokyo keyboard values 2.200.000VND


🏆 Steelseries Rival 3 mouse values 900.000VND

TOP 4 - 8

🏆 Viblo backpack

On each service, each user who completes a Contribute challenge or a puzzle will receive a gift set including 1 Viblo shirt + 1 Viblo sticker set.

(The user who completes 1 challenge Viblo Code and 1 puzzle Viblo CTF will receive 2 sets of gifts respectively)

>>> Details about the contest:


  • Phone: 0888.712.838 (Ms. Linh)
  • Email:
  • FAQ: