[HOT] Sun* acquires Trys - a Content Platform Business Development Company

Expanding existing business and promoting services in the entertainment industry in strategic areas are Sun*'s goals in the coming time. Today, Sun* officially acquired Trys, a well-known entertainment company in Japan.

At the board meeting this morning - September 15, Sun* decided to purchase 100% of the issued shares of Trys Company.

Trys is a company formed by the integration of Exys Inc. (founded February 2008) and TriFort, Inc. (founded in August 2012) in May 2020. Trys’s strengths lie in digital content production and application dedicated to the field of social × smartphone, illustration production, game development/operating, video management, jimento development, manga video service, etc.

This acquisition will help utilize the rich capabilities of both companies to create outstanding future growth for businesses. Trys' rich source of creative knowledge, combined with Sun*’s technological capabilities and the ability to develop business by applying blockchain - NFT in the entertainment field, will help innovative Trys’ products, creating the highest value.

Sun* is currently a Digital Creative Studio, developing businesses through the business - tech - creative trio. With the strength in creating new businesses, Sun* is increasingly expanding its business areas, applying the most advanced technologies. Especially in the entertainment field, Sun* is also actively promoting the planning and operation of a new service called MOOOS.

Sun* and Trys will continue to further develop existing businesses and expand into new ones, in order to achieve Sun*'s vision of “Creating a world where everyone has the chance to create Awesome values”.

From the acquisition of Trys, what will Sun* do in the future?

1. Promote activities in the entertainment sector

Leveraging the blockchain technology that Sun* has, along with Trys' rich entertainment knowledge to launch an entertainment business using the NFT Cryptocurrency.

2. Create more development opportunities for human resources

Create more development opportunities for human resources of both sides through strengthening the MOOOS system that Sun* is providing, expanding business with an associate company (DEA company) related to NFT.

Details about the “unification” between Sun* and Trys in the slide below:


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