Interesting photos of the special course for Group Leaders at Sun* - “Awareness Before Change”

On the last November 14 & 15, 2020, Group Leader/Manager Team at 3 offices: Sun* Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh gathered to join a special course named Awareness Before Change.

During the development of Sun*, in addition to the contribution and companionship of all the members, the Group Leaders team also plays a huge role as an extended arm, helping Sun* to fight off challenges and constructive awesome values to society. 

In addition to their management, the GL team at Sun* always actively improves their knowledge and skills, makes efforts to change to best meet the needs of each stage.

Based on this spirit, on November 14 & 15, 2020, Sun* organized a special course called “Awareness Before Change” (ABC).

With the message “Our changes come before the organizational changes”, Awareness Before Change course is an opportunity for Group Leaders to reorganize the knowledge that they have acquired or used at work, at the same time offers new important chances that they have the tendency to overlook. When each individual can answer their own questions, they will know what their right path is, overcome obstacles to achieve personal success and contribute to the growth of Sun*.

The ABC course was led by Dr. Bui Quoc Viet - Director of Vietnam SALT Training Joint Stock Company. This is a very popular training program in the world and in Asia particularly, it has been present in 10 countries: China, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. .

In Vietnam, the program was first launched in 2001 and has been applied by many large companies to train their staff.

As its name suggests, in this course, Group Leaders have joined together in the training of cognitive change, learning to approach failure - success, and accepting the difference. Through the interesting guidance of lecturers, teaching assistants and typical case studies on cognitive change leading to success of large domestic and foreign enterprises, leaders at Sun* had 2 great days of training.

At first, when hearing the name “Awareness Before Change”, many people may think the course will be full of stereotypical theory, difficult to create motivation for learners and rarely applicable. But no, at ABC, the Group Leaders were immersed in a friendly and highly charged atmosphere, divided into groups to discuss and give opinions on a problem as well as participate in interesting games and activities from course lecturers to firmly grasp knowledge.

Throughout the course are ecstatic laughters with enthusiastic rounds of applause from the attendees, core manager group at Sun*. An attendee happily commented: "The course has offered not only interesting knowledge but also happy moments as it’s been a while since we had the chance to work as a team with members from Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh.” 

After finishing the course, Mr. Vuong (GL - EUV3) happily shared with Sun* News: "I feel my thinking has become more positive, my life more beautiful. Through the course, I believe that many other GLs like me will realize that changing and adapting to change is necessary. If we do not change, then accordingly we will be eliminated. Human life is too short, if we don't do what we want to do now, it becomes stagnant and there may be no more opportunities."

Below are some impressive images captured by Sun* News Editor Board during the last Awareness Before Change course.

When the course was over, each member received a certificate and a famous book about perspective change from lecturers.

Science dictates that compromising attitude not only opposes changes to perceive and adapt to new things but also leads each and every one of us to slow yet certain death. 

Hopefully, throughout this Awareness Before Change course, everyone will always be clearly aware of their potential power, in order to overcome negative thoughts and realize importance of daily changes in constant improvement, success and happiness in both personal life and work.

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