Labhok - Best Project of The Year: “When we received the Award, our emotion burst”

Overcoming numerous heavyweights, Labhok has officially been awarded the Best Project of The Year title at SAA 2020. The precious award was announced a few days ago yet the bursting emotion stays the same. Let’s follow Sun* News on talking with Labhok members and stay tuned for the unprecedented interesting sharing!

Hello everyone. First of all, on behalf of the Editorial Board of Sun* News, we would like to congratulate you, Labhok team on your convincing victory in the Best Project of The Year at SAA 2020.

The first question, I would like to ask Trung Hieu - the Project leader and also the representative of the whole team to address the acceptance speech. It seems that you were very emotional with tears, can you share with us that memorable moment?

Mr. Trung Hieu: How should I say it, I was surprised and moved. I and Lac Phuc are the ones who follow the project from the beginning till now, it has been 2 years. The moment when we received the Award, we did burst our emotions. The nominated projects are all excellent and I did not think that Lobhok would be awarded.

Now, when we have received the award, I and my team feel more confident and motivated since our effort have been recognized and affirmed. Labhok’s Japanese colleagues/partners are also very happy and send us congratulations.

The happy tears of the Project Leader - Mr Trung Hieu B

What about the rest of the team, how do you feel?

Mr. Lac Phuc - Project Manager: The time of awarding is when I was on my honeymoon with my wife. Ever since before boarding, I had looked forward to and stayed updated about the project at the awards ceremony. It was not until I saw the photos everyone updated on Facebook, I was informed that the title belonged to Labhok. I was happy and proud of my colleagues, our honeymoon was more fulfilled too. (Smile)

In mid-2020, our project was also honored to receive the Best Project award for the first six months of the year of EUV1. The victory at SAA scored a “double” on Labhok’s record. I am very confident about the potential and possibility of the victory of the project, hence though waiting thrilly, the result did not surprise me much.

Ms. Huyen Trang - Sale/Marketing: During my time working at Sun*, this was the first time I attended a Group-level award ceremony as a member of a nominated project. I have a lot of faith and think the winning rate is as much as 90%. Because the meaning of the Labhok project is really great, which can change the educational landscape of Vietnam and we were also extremely interested in the team's working process. In particular, our project team also has 2 MVP nominations, namely Mr. Van Bao and Mr. Quang Hieu. This is such a united team that I cannot find the boundary between the partner team and Sun* team because all of us are dedicated to the product - our brainchild. The moment the organizing committee announced Labhok as the winner, I was so happy that I stood up and sat down frantically, laughing non-stop. Until today, my colleagues still show the photo of my happy face at that time to make jokes.

The winning moment with broad smiles of Labhok’s members.

What is the most heavyweight that Labhok was afraid of in the race toward the “Best Project of The Year title”?

Mr. Lac Phuc: Our project has no rivals, doesn’t it?! (The whole team laugh out loud in agreements)

Mr. Trung Hieu: Personally I think it is X-Table. This is an extremely strong team with excellent staff at Sun*, working professionally and cohesively. I would say that X-Table deserves to be the heavyweight of Labhok.

Mr. Quang Hieu - Designer: Exactly, X-table has the noticeable twin Son. I used to work in the estimate team for X-Table and I also appreciate the scope of the project as well as the capability of the team members. However, fortunately, Labhok team is also excellent and with a bit of luck, winning this award.

What do you think is the special characteristic of Labhok?

Mr. Viet Anh - Backend Team leader: It could be said that this is one of the project products that should the spirit of a Digital Creative Studio of Sun* the most. We have the chance to develop with our partners, collaborating cohesively to accomplish the project with a proactive, democratic and creative spirit. Our ultimate goal is not satisfying our customers but creating the most “awesome” product, bringing value to society. More specifically, we have the technology of education, opening a new era of training on the IT platform in Vietnam.

Mr. Quang Hieu - Designer: With Labhok, I have the chance to do an unprecedented job that I have never done before, which is instead of receiving spec from partners, I have to directly interview to learn about the end-users, which are the school teachers. This experience has impacted our thinking a lot and inspired me to accomplish the product as well as possible. 

Ms. Ha Tuoi - QA Team leader: In the past second-half year, Labhok has been almost “rebuilding” to develop a series of new features, interfaces, and usage to bring the best experience for the End-User. I think that Labhok is the project with the fastest development and most features in the last 6 months at Sun*.

Labhok is a talented, united and extremely vibrant team.

When thinking of the name Labhok, which memory do you feel most impressed with?

Mr. Trung Hieu: Labhok is probably the only project that has a detailed plan for internal communication. Very few projects can organize regular outings and picnics every month and every quarter with very professional and impressive activities. This is an opportunity for all to "speak out", share their feelings, difficulties, thoughts ... to understand each other better and get closer.

Mr. Lac Phuc: I remember the first team-building session of the project 2 years ago, with the spirit of “not drunk, not going home”, I drank to unconsciousness and other members had to carry me home. Up to now, that spirit of "drink to death" is still promoted in the project.

Mr. Thai Duong - Comtor/BA: In Labhok, people welcome OT very happily. Actually, we don't often have to work overtime often, but whenever there is a chance, they are very enthusiastic. There were times when I was quite stressed by a large amount of work, but when thinking back, I saw myself learning a lot through that project.

Does this title bring any changes to Labhok?

Ms. Huyen Trang - Sale / Marketing: More pressure, for sure! But it is also the driving force for us. Now, when arriving at schools to introduce products, Labhok has one more proud record to show off.

We also set ourselves higher goals, larger sales targets to deserve this appreciation. Labhok is constantly improving and changing to maintain its outstanding position against competitors in the same field in Vietnam. This leads to the development and expansion of the development and operation team. How thrilling and a bit nervous it is!

Mr. Lac Phuc: Change? It could be more confident many times because my silent efforts and achievements for a long time have been recognized. Since all doubts are now gone, we can strongly believe that we did well, the only thing left is to keep the burning fire and be more explosive next year.

Labhok team

Thank you for spending time sharing with Sun* News readers. On behalf of the Editorial Board, I wish Labhok team will always maintain this passionate fire to create miracles in the future, together with Sun* "bringing technology to construct the world".

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