League of Sun* 2021 - Brain-teaser Arena: Competition Rules

Look at the name of the competition, we all can see the high level of “brain-teaser” of this event. Let's find out carefully the rules of the League of Sun* 2021 - Brain-teaser Arena!

League of Sun* will take place in the form of online competition, registered teams will be added into an online meeting room similar to Google Hangout. Each room will have 01 Assistant Referee to assist contestants in updating team results and answering information during the competition.

To become the winner, the teams need to pass all the rounds one by one

  1. No. of questions: 15 questions
  2. Form of questions: Multiple choices and Constructed-response questions
  3. Questions content: Various topics (history, geography, literature, math, music, etc.)
  4. Answering time: 15 seconds/question
  5. Answering method: Each team member thinks and answers independently, then writes the answer on a blank piece of paper and holds it up in front of the webcam
  6. Scoring method: In each question, each member who answered correctly gets 10 points. The maximum number of points that each team can get in 1 question is 70 points
  7. Winners: 20 teams with the highest total points after round 1 move on to round 2


  • Individuals who have finished answering can raise the board
  • At the end of 15 seconds, if anyone does not show the board, no points will be counted
  • The assistant referee will assist in recording results and calculating points for each team
  • Regulations on paper and pen will be specifically notified by the BTC to each team to ensure transparency and fairness
  • Trong trường hợp có các đội thi bằng điểm nhau và ảnh hưởng tới vị trí để đi tiếp tới vòng 2, các đội thi đó sẽ được tham gia vòng thi phụ để phân định thứ hạng
  1. No. of questions: 1 question
  2. Form of question: Solve a cryptogram
  3. Answering time: During the time that one member of the team do a “Fitness Challenge”*
  4. *Fitness Challenge: The playing team sends 1 member to perform a fitness challenge (Ex: plank, standing still, weights lifting, etc.). The final fitness challenge will be announced in the competition.
  5. Answering method: Team members discuss together, and submit their answers into the Organizer’s form. When the fitness challenge is over, the team has 10 seconds to submit the answer
  6. Scoring method: Each correct letter equals 100 points
  7. Winners: 05 teams with the highest total score of round 1 + round 2 have the right to proceed to round 3


  • The time to do the fitness challenge is the time for solving the cryptogram
  • After 10 seconds since the end of the fitness challenge, teams that organizers do not receive the answer from will get 0 points for Round 2.
  • The first team to submit the result will get a bonus of 200 points. The next teams will receive 190 points, 180 points, 170 points, etc. respectively. (decreasing by 10 points for each rank submitted)
  • 03 teams that submit the final result are automatically disqualified regardless of whether the result
  • The assistant referee will observe and have the right to decide on the time of each team's fitness challenge
  • If there are teams having the same total score of Round 1 + Round 2 and affect their position to advance to round 3, those teams will be allowed to participate in a sub-round to determine rankings

Taking place in parallel with the time of Round 2: Heavy Brain-teaser

01 Captain of each Unit's Rescue Team will join a different room (including all Rescue Teams’ Captain) with the assistance of the Assistant Referee

  1. No. of questions: 10 questions
  2. Form of questions: Multiple choice - A set of questions for the Rescue Round
  3. Questions content: Various topics (history, geography, literature, math, music, etc.)
  4. Answering time: 5 minutes
  5. Answering method: Rescue Team’s Captain fills the answer in the Organizer’s form. When the time is up, the Rescue Team’s Captain must submit the answer to the BTC
  6. Scoring method: Each correct answer equals to 100 points
  7. Benefit: 01 Rescue team with the highest total score has the right to save 1 team of their Unit into round 3


  • If the winner of the Rescue Round is in the same Unit with no eliminated team, the chance to rescue goes forward to the Rescue Team with the 2nd highest score.
  • If there are at least 02 Rescue Teams with equal points, Organizers will decide the rank based on submission time
  • All teams eliminated (from Round 1 and Round 2) have the chance to be rescued
  • The Rescue Round result will be announced after Round 2’s result announcement
  • Quyền cứu đội nào phụ thuộc hoàn toàn vào đội cứu trợ
  • The assistant referee will close the submission form after the response time has elapsed

Turn-based Challenge Format:

  • No. of questions: There are 6 different packages, 1 question for each package
  • Form of questions: Various topics (history, geography, literature, math, music, etc.)
  • Answering time: 30 seconds/question
  • Answering method: Teams discuss together, then submit their answers into the Organizing Committee’s form. When the time is up, the team must submit the answer.
  • Turn-based Challenge Format: 6 teams take turns to challenge and answer question

- Each team is given an equal fund of points to challenge

- The order of challenge is based on the total score of Round 1 and Round 2 of each team. The team with the highest total score will go first

- Each team can challenge a minimum of 1 team and a maximum of all other teams

- The number of challenge points is a multiple of 10

- The total number of challenge points must not exceed the available points fund of that team at the time of challenge. At the same time, the number of challenge points cannot be higher than the number of points currently available to the challenged team.

- The team that has no points left has no right to challenge and is not challenged, then they will be temporarily banned from the game

- The team chooses their question package after the challenge

- At each challenge turn, the challenger team and challenged team(s) answer the question together

- Points will be added/subtracted depending on the answer of each round

  • Scoring method:

- The team that answers correctly and faster is the team that wins the challenge and gets the challenge points. The losing team will have their challenge points deducted

- The score will not be changed if both the challenger team and challenged team answer the question wrong

Final ranking determination: The final ranking of the competition based on the total score of Round 1, Round 2, and Round 3

Note: In case there are teams competing with equal points, those teams will participate in the extra round to determine rankings.

Thus, more than 40 teams from all units of Sun* Vietnam might have to pass 03 official rounds and 01 rescue round. 20 teams will be selected to enter the 2nd round, then 06 teams will continue to compete in the 3rd round to find the winning team of League of Sun* 2021 - Brain-teaser Arena. Who will become the "Brain-teaser Genius" of League of Sun* 2021?

If you have any questions or need more detailed information about the competition rules, please contact us via: https://sal.vn/giaidapleagueofsun

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