Many Sunners received surprising gifts from Sun*

On the journey to find the talented for the organization, Sun* has always received the support from Sunners for introducing their potential friends with proper mindset to the company. This has been an important reason contributing to the development of our Sun* for the last over seven years.

Candidates from Sunner referral have the highest recruitment round pass rate as well as the most long-time commitment to the company as compared to those from other sources.

Many of you - Sunners might think that you may only recommend Sun* to those they know are planning to change jobs. In fact, our company has successfully recruited numerous good candidates thanks to the early recommendation. It means you may either introduce the acquaintances you think would be suitable to the company without necessarily knowing about their future career plan, who the HR Department will thereafter actively build networking and recruit at the right time, or share recruitment news on your personal facebook for your friends’ approach. 

Even when you recommend candidates early or directly send the resumes, you will receive bonus according to company or each campaign’s policy especially when the candidate officially joins Sun*. More importantly, the trust and support from Sunners have increased the strength of Sun* on our development journey.

As a thank you to all Sunners who have introduced many candidates to the company in the past quarter III, HRV has organized a gratitude event with small gifts for all of you. We hope that you will have a little more joy for your day and constantly give love and trust to Sun*.

A gift for Sunner V.M.Thai (R&D Unit) from Ms. N.M.Hanh (representative of HRV)
Thank you Thai for accompanying Sun* during the talent-seeking journey.
A gift with a gratitude card attached is sent to Mr T.D.Thang (R&D Unit) by HRV.
Thank you Mr. Thang for accompanying Sun* in the journey of finding talent.
Thank you Mr. B.H.Hoang - one of many Sunners has introduced candidates to the company
Thank you Sunner C.K.Nguyen for accompanying Sun* during the talent-seeking journey!
Thank you Sunner O.T.Sang (EUV2) for accompanying Sun* during the past time.
Thank you Sunner N.T.Dat (EUV2) for accompanying Sun* in the journey of finding talent.
Thank you Sunner N.T.T.Ha (EUV2) for accompanying Sun* in the journey of finding talent.
A thank-you gift for Sunner V.T.Ha (EUV2)

When asked about his feelings when receiving a gift from HRV, Sunner V.T.Ha (EUV2) shared: "I was very surprised to see Mr. Tran Hai Nam holding a present in his hand, approaching me and constantly saying “Thank you” to me for supporting HR in recruitment. I was actually extremely happy yet keep questioning “Are they mistaking me for someone else? Because there’s no announcement in advance. But I hope it is not a mistake or else returning the gift after receiving would be embarrassing.” (laugh)

To Ha, friends are important people in life so what she recommends to her friends are always trustworthy. Therefore, she shared “When I recommend my friends to our company, I feel a sense of security since I know I am doing the right thing. My feeling towards the company so far (for more than 2 years) has been positive in general. I am very happy with everything. Hence, even if HR Team did not have the bonus for recommenders, I would still introduce my friends to Sun* family”

Thank you Sunner B.X.Huy (EUV1) for accompanying Sun* in the journey of finding talent.
Thank you Sunner B.T.Anh (EUV1) for supporting Sun* in the past time.
Thank you Sunner N.M.H B (R&D Unit).

“Only after receiving a card with the words “Thank you Minh Hoang” on it did I stand still for a few seconds before realizing that everyone is giving me a thank-you present for real. HRV Team is so caring. I will absolutely actively introduce more candidates to HR Team!” - Hoang shared.

Thank you Sunner B.T.Anh (EUV1) for accompanying Sun* in the journey of finding talent.

Those small yet carefully-wrapped gifts  attaching lovely cards with sincere wishes are the thank you that HRV Team on behalf of the company would love to send to Sunners, who have actively supported Quarter III Recruitment. 

On the journey of constructing good values for the society, Sun* will continuously scout for new members who aspire challenges, are positive, generous, flexible and talented for many positions in the company. We hope to receive trust and support from all Sunners. 

The introduction is extremely simple. All you need is to send basic information of a friend that you suppose is capable and suitable for Sun*, not necessarily wishing to change jobs at that time, to CANDIDATE RECOMMENDATION FORM whenever you want. 

For more information on vacancies, we refer Sunners to here