Meet the handsome Quang Minh with his interesting secret to “up mood”

Managing your emotional energy will help you take control of your own life. And this is what Quang Minh (EUV4) is doing to keep himself in the most balanced state!

It is a fact that, when we’re angry or frustrated, it becomes very hard to focus on our job. Our head is filled with annoyance, so where can we get the motivation to complete the job perfectly?

On the contrary, when we are in a good mood and we everything in a positive light, that day will certainly be very bright so we will work more energetically. Feeling satisfied and you yourself finding many new challenges, adventures, opportunities... These are factors that increase your emotional energy.

It seems grand and elusive, but learning how to manage emotional energy is in fact not as hard as we think. Let’s meet Quang Minh (EUV4) to find out about how to manage your emotional energy during this trying time!

Quang Minh is a BrSE who is always full of energy, always smiling and spreading positivity to everyone. One of the ways to maintain his spirit is to learn how to manage his emotional energy.

Quang Minh - the always-smiling boy of Sun* Da Nang

How did Minh find the way to manage emotional energy?

According to quantum physics, everything has wave-particle duality, where a particle is something tangible, and a wave is a form of energy with many frequencies. We humans also carry within us the properties of waves and particles. It can be understood here that the particle is the physical body and the wave is the inner soul. In that wave, humans have 2 main energy sources coming from the vibrations of the heart and the brain.

Human’s vibrations depend on their inner emotions. Everyone has to experience "Seven Emotions - Six Desires". Putting the "Six Desires" aside, when it comes to "Seven Emotions”, there are 7 types: Joy, Anger, Love, Hate, Sorrow, Pleasure and Desire. Depending on those “Seven Emotions”, human emotions will emit waves with different frequencies, collectively known as emotional ranges, differently each time.

The seven emotional ranges can be compared with seven musical notes: Do (A), Re (B), Mi (C), Fa (D), Sol (E), La (F), Si (G). If you can create a harmony and transform your emotions in your own way, you will create the desired musical of your life.

Let fate take its own course. But what is 'fate'?

Quang Minh said: “About the body, in yoga, the body has 7 chakras corresponding with 7 different vibration frequencies. To activate a chakra, we need to vibrate at the frequency of that chakra. In order to do this, emotions are an important key. Therefore, when meditating, or practicing Yoga, it is crucial to open the mind, or visualize... to reach the necessary emotional vibration."

“And about the outside world, the Earth that we’re living in has a magnetic field and the universe has its cosmic waves. If we resonate with these waves, we will be greatly supported by the Earth and the universe, then we can discover or realize some very fascinating things. It’s like the universe giving us a call to tell us something.” - Minh emphasized.

Here is a simpler example!

You must be thinking that: "Emotional energy management sounds like Marxist-Leninist philosophy", it’s so confusing, right? However, it is much simpler and easier to understand when applying in real life.

For example, in work or team management, first of all, each person must be aware of their emotions, and so do other colleagues! Nothing is 100% good, nothing is 100% bad. The problem primarily lies in our perception and the ability to quickly identify the problem so we can coordinate rhythmically and create harmony together. In other words, we must create the necessary resonance to improve work results.

"Every day, I always check to see whether I'm happy or sad or angry. If I'm too stressed, I will workout, eat or rest to relax, and especially, I will avoid talking when I'm upset. Or in a recent project, sometimes it's easy to lose my temper with the JP staff about the UI design. Sometimes my mood goes down after talking to them. When that happens, I choose to change the subject or “complain” to my colleagues to get some encouragement and then continue working. If there is no one I can talk to, I would listen to music or eat something, walk around a little bit to calm myself down before coming back to work.” - Minh shared about how he manages his emotional energy.

Live your life in the most comfortable way!

Someone said, to make it worth your while, you must live a brilliant life, travel far and stand tall. Some think that you don't just live for you, and you must take care of the people around you and prepare for the future. However we choose, how we spend our life time, how we make decisions in life…will result in our quality of life. No matter what the outcomes are, as long as we learn how to manage our emotional energy and be satisfied with those outcomes, our life can be "fulfilled"!

Maintain good emotional energy and be optimistic! Success and happiness are waiting for us ahead.