No boredom at home thanks to these beautiful home decoration shops

Look no further, right on the e-commerce market, Sunners can find countless stores selling super beautiful and highly rated home decor with reasonable prices. Come and explore them with Sun* News!

If you like to decorate your home, strive for beauty and think that a beautiful living and working space will make you comfortable, then surely these home-decor stores will be useful for you!

The stores below all have a variety of products to decorate your living room, bedroom or kitchen space at an affordable price. In addition, since most of us are at home due to the pandemic, it would certainly be the right time to rearrange our living space, furnishing it with new and joyful colors.

Let's look through the stores with Sun* News!

For “home-aholics”:


Link Shopee: BEYOURs

Facebook: BEYOURs

Make My Home

Link Shopee: Nội Thất Tối Giản MAKE MY HOME

Facebook: MAKE MY HOME

RIBO House



Link Shopee: Mici.decor

Facebook: MiCi Decor


Link Shopee: LuHau Home Decor

Facebook: LuHau Home Decor

Se Sẻ Furniture


Facebook: Se Sẻ Furniture

Dunk Concept


Facebook: Dunk Concept


Facebook: MÊM Furniture

Nhà Kho

Link Shopee: Nhà Kho Decor

Facebook: Nhà kho decor

Our Nest

Facebook: Our Nest Decor



Shopee: Chie decor

Tiệm Tạp Hóa Mùa Hè

Facebook: Tiemtaphoamuahe.decor

For “kitchen-aholics”:


Link Shopee: Dreamers Living Co

Facebook: Dreamers

Handi Art

Link Shopee: Handi art

Facebook: Handi Art - Decor Crafts


Facebook: Kây Decor&Gift

Instagram: @kaydecor

Chisai Kitchen

Facebook: Chisai Kitchen

Instagram: @chisaikitchen.decor

A Little Leaf

Facebook: A Little Leaf

Instagram: @alittleleaf.decor

Riri Home

Facebook: Ririhome

Instagram: @riri.home

For "plant parents":

Lá Concept

Facebook: Lá Concept


7senses Garden

Facebook: 7senses Garden

Instagram: @7sensesgarden

CUSHY Garden

Facebook: CUSHY Garden

Instagram: @cushygarden

You can look at more stores that sell lovely plants HERE

Considering your lifestyle as well as your preferences, Sunners can refer to decorative tools to design your home space in a comfortable modern style or a classic, traditional style. There are quite a lot of choices. What are you waiting for? If you can't go out, try to create new joys for yourself by visiting the above interior decoration stores and decorate your home right now!