"Special" work allowance for all Sun* employees during the 8th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam

In order to facilitate employees to work late due to the road ban during the 13th National Congress (from January 25, 2021 to February 2, 2021), Sun* has decided to adjust the working time so that employees can be flexible in terms of arrival time and departure time in February 2021.

How has the working time been adjusted?

1. Objects to apply: 

All employees at Hanoi Office 

2. Detailed information 

Adjust the limit for In late/Leave early/Leave out/Forget to scan cards/Forget the cards from 5 times/month to 10 times/month 

This adjustment is only applied in February 2021 (from March 2021, everything returns to the normal limit)

3. Conditions 

Staff members being late should arrange work in accordance with the project and approved by the management. Any Sunner In Late in the month still needs to fill in the form on the WSM system.

4. Data display on WSM: 

WSM still displays data under the quota of 5 times/month (red notification since the 6th form, counting the number of penalties according to the limit 5 times). In this case, please ignore this red notification. 

PA Team is responsible for recalculating the number of penalties according to the limit of 10 times/month and fully reflecting on the monthly cumulative penalty sheet when announcing the timesheet of February 2021. 

In case of any questions, please contact Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen B (PA team)

What do Sunners think?

With this super hot news, Sunners can not hide the joy.

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