Sun* Confession: Why do girls always fall for bad boys?

Have you guys ever asked yourself this question?

These days, there is a guy named Khoa Vuong who is famous on Tiktok, said some cringy words that makes the girls go crazy:

"Ladies, it seems that I have spoiled you too much, haven’t I?” 

The girls crazily watch and make compliments. I have to admit that this guy is really handsome, a bad boy type. He can make the girls can die for him just by saying some cheesy pickup lines. I can’t get what kind their taste is? Any girl now would fall for this guy if he made a flirt, right? 

Btw, my colleague just got dumped by his girlfriend after dating for a week. According to her, the reason for breaking up is that she didn’t feel like they were matching. Then she fell in love with another cool, bad boy. My friend is a gentle, nice, and quite good looking guy, and most importantly, he has a lot of money, but he still gets dumped! How weird! 

That’s life... Why do girls keep falling in love with bad boys?  

If you keep being trapped like this, when will we find each other? - That's what I want to say on behalf of my company guys! (laugh) 

Any comment, my friends? 

Sun* Confession 

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