Sun* Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh: "We are out of sight but not out of mind. Stay strong, Da Nang!"

These days, Da Nang is struggling to fight against the pandemic. Below are the enthusiastic messages from Sunners Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh to Sun* Da Nang members with the hope to energize Sun* Da Nang members through this COVID-19 epidemic!

Although there are members who have never met or worked in the same project, with different regions and working departments, under the Sun* roof, we - members of Sun* Hanoi and Sun * Ho Chi Minh always look out for Da Nang members in this difficult time. 
Although they were small wishes, they contain a lot of love from members of the North and the South with the hope to energize the members of Sun* Da Nang to strongly overcome this COVID-19 pandemic!

After all, tomorrow is another day! Hopefully, Da Nang Sunners will keep up the optimism, positive working and living attitude, as well as a calmness and confidence to win the pandemic and create Awesome values ahead! 
Sun* Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh always stand beside you!


#Sun* Đà Nẵng

#Sun* defeat Covid-19