Sun* Startups and Songhan Incubator launch the first Batch of "Startup Incubator program"

On June 15, Sun* Startups Studio Vietnam (SSV) cooperated with Songhan Incubator to launch the "Startup incubator program” Batch 1 at Freespace 13F, Keangnam Landmark. Many representatives of SSV, Songhan Incubator, some close partners of SSV, and the press units participated in the program.

As Sun* News has reported, Sun* Startups Vietnam has cooperated with Songhan Incubator to implement the "Startup Incubator" program to train creative thinking, business model and team-building skills, presentation skills, seedfund ... for start-up stage. This program has been launched since March 2020.

After more than 3 months of nourishing, on June 15, Sun* Startups and its partner Songhan Incubator officially opened Batch 1: Startup Business Foundation of the Startup Incubator program at Sun* Hanoi office. It is for all startups in the pre-seed/seed stage of MVP that apply information technology.

The program was organized to help startups build a solid initial foundation on ideas, models, markets, prototypes, etc. to prepare for the solution and acceleration stage later on. Specifically, batch 1 addresses the following main training contents:

- Idea evaluation

- Business model

- Market research challenges

- Market share challenges

- Customers (customer persona, customer journey)

- Design thinking 

- Distribution channels

- Financial planning, funding

- Pitch deck guide; Business ethics and community responsibility

In addition, Sun* Startups and Songhan Incubator have invited many outside experts to train the complementary skills for startup founders, such as: "Relationship building platform" from the HR/Marketing training experts of HRP; a Thinking Course for the founder to become a coach for his own business from ActionCOACH_SOTA - a branch of ActionCoach global in Vietnam; Excel and Powerpoint courses from Gitiho partner - Professional education technology school.

According to SSV, the entire schedule was shortened for 10 weeks, starting from the opening of Batch 1 and the startups will work full-time at Sun* Startups office (11th floor, Handico Pham Hung).

By doing this, the teams can have the highest concentration on their startup projects and can interact and receive immediate support from SSV and experts. Batch 1 has 9 experts, who will work in the same space with the startups throughout the program.

Mr. Ta Minh Thanh - SSV representative shared, with the strength of developing many technology products, the Japanese startup service and the experience in approaching customers from the initial requirements, SSV wants this Batch 1 will inspire the founders so they can build a company for themselves.

Regarding Songhan Incubator, Mr. Ly Dinh Quan, CEO of SHi said: “No one can say a certain thing about a startup's success. Therefore, a Minimum Viable Product  (MVP) always has the condition to flexibly penetrate the market. In here, the startups can have many opportunities to adjust, complete solutions, improve business indicators with a minimum cost. After that, funding and investing to expand the market will be much more effective. Songhan Incubator not only helps startups access the network of potential investors and output markets but more importantly, we guide them to the right market approach.”

In particular, startups coming out of the program will continue to receive much support for their startup projects

- AWS support package of more than 12,500 USD

- Provided working office and related operational support

- Legal advice when establishing businesses

- Support to connect with domestic and foreign investment funds in the Sun* & SHi network

- Be selected to accelerate VTS 2020 by SHi, helping startups to commercialize products and services, increase resources development capacity, expand resources, and develop sustainable markets.

In addition to participating in the opening program, startups have the opportunity to participate in the Office Tour - visit the Sun* Hanoi office

Once again, congratulations to startups participating in Batch 1 of the startup incubator program organized by Sun* Startups and Songhan Incubator!

Sun* News will continue to update the upcoming activities of this program to readers!


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