Sunners discovered many amazing juice recipes at the “Good Drink Good Life” workshop

Tham gia workshop "Good Drink - Good Life" do SHC tổ chức, Sunners 3 miền có cơ hội tìm hiểu thêm về lợi ích thiết thực của các loại nước ép tốt cho sức khỏe của mình.

"Good Drink - Good Life" is one of the workshops organized by the Sun* Health Care Committee (SHC) with an aim to help Sunners improve their health by approaching a nutritionally balanced, immunity system-boosting drink recipe from experts in the healthy juice field.

The workshop was held at all 3 branches of Sun* nationwide on March 22nd - World Water Day.

Not only did it bring interesting and useful information about Fresh Raw Juice - the best nourishing liquid to nourish, regenerate, cleanse the body, with special recipes to create a high-quality glass of juice created by experts, the "Good Drink - Good Life" workshop also gave many Sunners the opportunity to try their juices with selected fresh ingredients of certain origins and enjoying bottles of juice brought to the program by the expert.

At Hanoi Sun*

Bringing extensive knowledge about Fresh Raw Juice are expert Tran Thanh Huyen and his colleagues from the brand True Juice - one of the famous brands in the field of healthy juice in the present market.

Below are some notable pictures at the "Good Drink - Good Life" workshop by Sunners in Hanoi:

Breathing exercise opening the workshop at Hanoi office
Sunners were excited to join the workshop and received super high-quality drinks from True Juice
Sunners experienced a minigame of making drinks themselves from the fruits and vegetables that True Juice brings.
The Healthy Juice Manual from True Juice is given to Sunners
Sunners participating in the workshop received attractive gifts

At Ho Chi Minh Sun*

At the "Good Drink - Good Life" workshop at the Ho Chi Minh office, Sunners together learned about the benefits of Fresh Raw Juice through sharing by Ms. Tang Thi Thanh Van, sales manager of the pure juice brand - Smoothie Factory. Moreover, Sunners also have the opportunity to create high-quality glasses of juice by themselves at the Workshop by participating in a special minigame.

Below are some noteworthy photos at Sunners Ho Chi Minh's "Good Drink - Good Life" workshop:

Everyone was excited to attend a super health workshop
The Sunners discussed enthusiastically in the show's mini-game

At Da Nang Sun*

At Da Nang office, bringing useful knowledge about Fresh Raw Juice is Ms. Huynh Thi Kim Trang - Founder of pure juice brand HEALING JUICE.

Here are some notable pictures at the workshop "Good Drink - Good Life" of Da Nang Sunners

Healthy juices are good for health, which has been proven by millions of people around the world. In recent years, in Vietnam, the juice drinking movement has received more and more attention. Although there are still many misconceptions about true juice, overall this is a positive sign that health care is being taken more seriously by many people.

We wish that the "Good Drink - Good Life" workshop that SHC brings helps Sunners better understand the importance of juice as well as provides everyone with the basic knowledge, thus they can easily make juice at home drink every day.

If you are a newbie to the world of Healthy Juice, get acquainted with simple vegetable juice recipes HERE.