Sunners’ feelings about the first day coming back to the office

On the morning of 4/5/2020, Sunners over 3 regions come back to offices with full of joy and excitement. Let’s capture everyone’s feelings on this special day with Sun* News!

Almost 2 months of working remotely has passed, today (4/5/2020), Sunners over 3 regions officially come back to the offices to work with full of joy and excitement for seeing their colleagues again.

Although many Sunners have travelled from very far away to go to the company early to set up their computers for work, almost everyone is unable to hide their emotions, a little bit new to the surroundings but mostly they feel happy because the special day they have been waiting for has finally arrived.

Mr. Le Duy Khanh (EUV2) returned to the office with new hair color; "I feel really happy, you can tell by looking at my new hair color!"
Nguyen Tuan Hai (EUV1): "I'm so excited! I went to sleep at 2am last night, this morning I got up at 6am to prepare to go to the company!"
Pham Quang Huy C (EUV1): "I'm a bit more excited than Hai. I only slept at 4am, already woken up at 6:30"
Nguyen Van Giang (EUV2): "The first thing I look for when I go back to the office is my team. Wonder where they are!"
Pham Van Hung (R&D Unit): "I joined the company right on the time the company work remotely, so I feel a bit strange when working with everyone."
Ha Thi Tuoi (EUV2): "I have a new hair cut immediately to see everyone again! Do you find my dyed hair beautiful?"
Nguyen Dinh Huan (EUV2): "I have a different feeling when I come back to the office. I wish you all the health and joy to start the work."
Nguyen Thi Nga and Nguyen Thu Huyen (GEU): "We are happy to see each other again. But it's a bit sad because the plants are all dead! (Sad face)"
The smile on Nguyen Huy Hung C's face (EUV1): "Do you find my face is chubby? I've taken care of myself for nearly 2 months! Now I am really ready to work!"
Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Hang (HR Unit): "I feel happy and excited to be able to work again after a long break due to Covid-19. So even though I came to Danang early this morning, I still came to the company early to meet everyone again soon."
Le Thi Hoang Diep (EUV3) & Vu Xuan Mai (EUV2): "We are very happy and excited, we smile when we see each other again.”

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