Sunners happily celebrate Sun*’s official IPO

At 9 am this morning, July 31 Japanese time zone, or 7 am Vietnam time zone, Sun* officially made an IPO on Tokyo Stock Exchange, Japan. In this proud atmosphere, Sunners immediately responded to the event by changing their Facebook avatar frame and wearing a Hanten shirt - a special gift from the company on this day.

On the occasion of Sun* official IPO on Tokyo, Japan stock exchange, Sunners Vietnam spread their happiness and pride with two main activities: changing their Facebook avatar frame and together wearing a traditional Japanese Hanten shirt.

As soon as the news was released, many Sunners, including our CEO Kobayashi Taihei responded to this interesting activity on personal Facebook page.

Join Sun* News and check out the bustling atmosphere of Sunners on this special day at the end of July!

Share with Sun* News about this memorable event, some Sunners expressed their feelings when they knew that the company was officially listed on the Tokyo stock exchange, Japan. 

"I am really happy when my company is taken to a new level, not only was the company’s image promoted outside but also listed on the stock exchange, which means the position of our company is confirmed. IPO means all information about the company or policy activities must be transparent. In general, I really look forward to this!!! " - Ms. Duong Thi Van (EUV2) 

Mr. Ngô Duy Sơn (EUV1)  sees a bright future of the company ahead, especially it can nurture creativity for members of a Digital Creative Studio at Sun*.

Along with that, Mr. Bùi Xuân Trung (Strategy Operation Manager - SOO) shared: "I feel excited about this important transformation of the company. Also, I am proud of Sun*'s path to get here today. I personally hope that, as we become a public company, we will grow at a great pace, become a leading company in Vietnam and reach out to the world" 

As a new employee at the company, Võ Hoàng Hiệp (Sun* Da Nang) also shared: "As far as I know, to make an IPO, it is an arduous process of the board of directors and each employee. Therefore, the IPO is a pride for the company's continuous efforts. Although I am working remotely from home, I feel proud to be in the atmosphere of IPO of the whole company today" 

Sun* officially made an IPO on the Tokyo stock exchange, Japan. This is considered one of the especially important milestones in the company's development process over the past 7 years. Let’s spread this sacred moment and many good things together, to convey the vision and values that Sun* is aiming for.

In case you don’t know, Hanten is a traditional costume of the land of cherry blossoms. If Sunners are not sure how to wear this costume, please watch to the video below recommended by Sun* News! 

Once again, congratulations Sun* has officially made an IPO on the Tokyo stock exchange, Japan!