Sunners in Ho Chi Minh City are vibrant and “cool” at the Year-End Party "Challenge & Change"

With the atmosphere of the Year-End Party, recently, on December 25, Sun* Ho Chi Minh also held its grand year-end party called Challenge & Change.

With the theme of Challenge&Change, the Year End Party 2020 at Sun* Ho Chi Minh branch (last December 25, 2020) is not only a review of the achievements of the past year but also empowers the members to encounter the challenges and to be willing to change to grow together, bringing more value in the coming year.

Sunners in Ho Chi Minh raced to “flourish” at the branch's biggest event.
Thanh Loc was the MC at the year-end party of Sun* Ho Chi Minh

Not only a cozy party with the participation of familiar faces of Sun* Ho Chi Minh, Challenge & Change is also the stage for the branch's beautiful boys and girls to show off their artistic talents, contributing to heats up the atmosphere of the year-end party.       

Opening the program was the exciting dancing repertoire of Sunners in HCM City.
The performance had been practiced for a long time before the event took place.
Let's start the party together!

Coming to Challenge & Change, Sunners Ho Chi Minh has the opportunity to look back on what the branch has done in the past 2020, as well as the deep sharing of individuals who have been with the branch for a year full of fluctuations.

Sunners attentively watched the video summarizing the year of the entire branch

The highlight of Challenge&Change is the emotional sharing of Mr. Thai Binh - Section Manager on behalf of the executive board. He shared about the past 2020 as well as the branch’s orientation in 2021.

Mr. Binh said that the year 2020 has passed with a lot of ups and downs, upheavals. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused all Sunners to work remotely for a long time. However, it is undeniable that, despite such difficulties and challenges, our company still achieved certain successes such as completing the listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the projects still developed and released, consistently high CSS scores.

In addition, Mr. Binh also mentioned a lot about the relentless efforts in the self-study and self-development process of Sunners Ho Chi Minh members. Japanese classes that are opened and well maintained, the seminars and AWS class are held regularly, receiving enthusiastic responses from all members.

In particular, new members joining the branch in 2020 have adapted and integrated very quickly, becoming an indispensable part of Ho Chi Minh Sun*  family.

Mr. Binh emphasized: "2021 with many goals ahead, the whole Ho Chi Minh branch will work together and concentrate more to fulfill the set-out goals!"

The most anticipated part of that show was the awarding part. After nearly 2 weeks of announcing nominations and organizing voting, Challenge&Change is to honor outstanding individuals and collectives in the last 6 months at Ho Chi Minh Sun*.

The Face Award of Sun* Ho Chi Minh for individuals who always created a vibrant movement for the branch belonged to Thanh Loc - Head of Ho Chi Minh Sun* Culture Development Department for his relentless efforts and dedication to the culture of the branch.

Sunners Hoang Diep excellently won the Break-through Award. She has made numerous breakthroughs, contributing to the work as well as the development of the branch in the past time.

The Best Crew Award went to the Landix team

Finally, the branch's ACE Award for outstanding all-around individual went to a young boy born in 1997 - Tan Thanh. As a Team Leader at a quite young age, Thanh has devoted himself to Ho Chi Minh Sun*'s development.

Challenge & Change had more than that. At the vibrant year-end party, Sunners in Ho Chi Minh together got loose at their best with the mini-game that the Cultural Committee had prepared.

Contributing a large part to the success of the program is the fun game that heated the atmosphere and united the members

With both excitement and tranquility, Ho Chi Minh Sunners also brought about very gentle acoustic melodies, ending the year 2020 full of ups and downs and memories.

The acoustic performance "Khuc giao mua" by Thanh Loc, Phu Quoi, Dinh Thanh, the performance brought a warm atmosphere in the dying days of the year.
The choral singing performance of the Japanese class with the song named "Sayonara Daisuki na Hito"
The duet performance of Dinh Thanh and Shin san displayed the talented Vietnamese skills of teacher Shin from GEU.

The year-end party of Sun * Ho Chi Minh with the theme Challenge & Change has ended the turbulent yet memorable year 2020 with proud milestones.

Sincerely thank all the members who have accompanied Sun* Ho Chi Minh throughout the year 2020. Hopefully, this gathering will inspire and motivate everyone to have the year 2021 to create, take initiative and create many Awesome values for society.

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