Sunners’ "study groups" amidst the pandemic

Despite having spent nearly 2 months working with "NO WORKPLACE", many units at Sun* still regularly host internal training and knowledge sharing courses online. Sunner's "group study" sessions are useful and are a place for people to meet each other during social distancing. It’s gradually becoming fun and spreading positive energy to everyone.

At Sun*, learning activities are always promoted in all units. These activities include seminars, workshops, training sessions about new knowledge, KPT sessions to learn about experience of projects, etc. It was thought that these activities can only be done at the company, when everyone is present. However, after many times experiencing the "NO WORKPLACE" working mode, in general, Sunners have gotten used to this new working format. Therefore, many activities such as learning - improving knowledge at Sun* have been transformed into the form of online learning.

Let's take a look at some remarkable learning activities at Sun* ‘remote season’!


As one of the leading units in promoting the learning spirit at Sun*, Vietnam Education Unit (VEU) regularly organizes 1-hour courses and training sessions for trainers to share knowledge with trainees.

During such a period of working from home, trainers at VEU still try to keep a close eye on their trainees as well as consolidate new professional knowledge through online training activities.

Trainers at VEU

Ms. Nguyen Thuy B - QA Trainers at VEU shared: "Edu's Trainers always create sharing sessions to share knowledge, experience or some good books for the team or for our trainees. What I remember the most is when we’re working at the office, at 11.00 a.m everyday, the whole team would come into the room to learn the "Cutting Trees" lesson from Boss Chu. Each session only lasted about 30 minutes through short videos, but the messages that our Boss gave everyone were extremely meaningful. One example is: If you want to cut down a tree, you have to go out to that tree every day and chop it down five times.

Now we have to work remotely, so these sharing sessions don’t happen as frequently but almost once every 2 weeks, the team still regularly organizes sharing sessions to consolidate knowledge and learn more new things with each other."

Avengers Group - EUV1

Based on the promising demand of the VueJS project, some members of Avengers Group - EUV1 organized VueJS training for Interns/Freshers and even Middles who had no experience with VueJS.

According to class member Tien Nguyen, here, everyone can learn and get familiar with the Javascript language, learn more about VueJS framework to have resources available for the Group's/The company’s upcoming projects while building a project with a Frontend Framework.

Currently, the course members are working on a project and it is expected that this weekend will be the closing session where everyone demo their project.

Illustration of a learning session of Avengers Group members at the company


The learning culture at Sun* doesn't just stop at the units related to software development or education and training. Even at the back office, there are more knowledge sharing activities taking place than you might think.

Though being a not-so-crowded unit at Sun*, new knowledge sharing sessions are held with keynote speakers who are members of BAO almost weekly. The topics that BAO mentioned in the sharing sessions are all new knowledge useful for their work and can be applied to the whole company.

It is expected that in the near future, BAO will organize more legal training courses for its members. In addition, if you are interested in legal topics, you can also read the legal newsletters of the Sun* Legal Group team here!

Sun* Hồ Chí Minh

At Sun* Ho Chi Minh City, during this work from home period, a number of online training activities took place. One of the notable activities is a training class on React.js and React Native knowledge of Thanh Tu.

It is known that the class started from 12/06 and has from 2-3 sessions per week. Tu shared: 

"With this class, everyone is able to acquire more knowledge on React.js and React Native, these technologies are gradually gaining popularity and are chosen to build the system. In addition, the class is an opportunity for people to meet and talk to each other outside of working hours, which is also a little joy. Working remotely has limited interaction, so it's a bit boring."

The knowledge of each lesson is summed up by Tu in a video sent to everyone for revision

Sunny Group (Group 2 - Section 1 - EUV3)

Every Thursday, 15 members of Group 2 - Section 1 - EUV3 (a.k.a Sunny Group) join the group's class.

According to Mr. Duy Hung B - Sunny Group’s Leader, the class was organized for the purpose of creating a gathering place for the best quality members who specialize in building Web Applications. The class is also an important technical leading for the staff of EUV3 in particular and Sun* in general. The members participating in the class all possess a variety of skills: Management, Engineering, UI/UX, BrSE, BA, QA, so they can share a lot of professional knowledge when participating in the class.

Illustration of the group’s sharing session at the company

Mr. Hung commented: "In order to maintain the class, right from the get-go, all members have determined and agreed that sharing knowledge and mindset training is very necessary. In any situation, members should keep up with the schedule. Everyone shares knowledge of their expertise to balance the levels of group members. In addition to the goal of sharing knowledge and mindset training, it also helps members to train their presentation skills when they have to host, so they won't tremble when standing in front of a crowd. Putting pressure on themselves and most importantly, getting used to it so that later on, they can remain calm as a manager or when in front of their girlfriend.

Group members take turns/compete to host knowledge sharing. In addition to the benefits in terms of mindset and training, our motivation has also been significantly increased. Remote working easily makes members feel bored when they can't meet people, so the ongoing motivational activity has also significantly improved that situation."

In addition to learning and working hours, the Group also organizes internal games and attracts the participation of many other members in EUV3.

QA2 - EUV2

With about 50 members in the QA2 - EUV2 team, learning and knowledge sharing activities don’t stop at seminars, sharing workshops but also reading sessions and mutual book reviews. According to Ms. Ngoc Huyen - QA2 member, since the beginning of 2021, the Group has set the criterion to improve the learning spirit in the whole Group and each administrative QA Team, so far there have been 10 seminars (in 6 months) and 140 book reviews (from August 2020 to present).

Although during the work-from-home stage, the Internet connection problem caused many obstacles in the learning process, the members of QA2 still tried to think of more interesting topics to share, actively read and share books on the Facebook Group of QA2.

Ms. Huyen added: "The fact that QA2 focuses on sharing internal knowledge, even during the pandemic, is to help members study and take the ISTQB certificate exams. The whole group gets training in seminars to solve problems in the working process; use new tools to support work effectively as well as improve the presentation skills of each member while sharing their experiences and research results. And above all, because of working and studying online, organizing such courses help members become more active with the group activities."

Not only the groups mentioned above, currently, although working from home, many other teams/groups are still implementing online courses and sharing knowledge to enrich the learning spirit at Sun*.

Sun* News will continue to keep everyone updated!

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