Super good news: SHC “goes big”, buying sports facilities for all Sunners

Sunners now do not need to go anywhere or spend too much money on the gym You can easily participate in sports and fitness activities right in your own office. How great it is!!!

With the desire to create a healthy and useful working space, helping Sunners to both entertain and improve their health, Sun* Health Care Committee (SHC) has equipped some sports facilities for Sunners at all 3 offices: Hanoi, Danang, Ho Chi Minh to exercise.

After receiving the equipment, Units will actively build up their own training rules and plans accordingly. Additionally, members of each unit can completely exchange or borrow each other's training equipment for duo competition.

At Hanoi Sun*

After a period of registration, on the afternoon of March 5, 2021, the Culture Department of each Unit gathered at Freespace to receive sports equipment for their units from the Sun* Healthcare Committee (SHC). There are a variety of equipment ranging from belly folding chairs, abdominal rollers, Yoga balls, bell weights, 5 kg and 7 kg dumbbells, push-ups, waist discs, elastic bands, calibrators spine, yoga massage roller, weight ball...

From now on, Sunners can exercise together with “cool” equipment. What good news!
Everyone is happy to review cool gifts from SHC
Exercising equipment has bên distributed evenly to Units

At Danang Sun* and Ho Chi Minh Sun*

At 2 offices in Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh, SHC has installed sports equipment right in the Freespace area. There are a variety of weights, bicycles, single beams, dance ropes and yoga mats for Sunners to experience. 

Now, Sunners do not need to spend money to invest in exercise equipment, or gym and still are able to improve health at Sun* offices.

Sunners experience fitness equipment provided by SHC at Ho Chi Minh office
Exercising to improve your dignity, everyone!
Sunners shared their experience with fitness equipment provided by SHC at Danang office.

The representative of Da Nang Sun*, Mr. Xuan Dat shared with Sun* News: "SHC brought into the company many sports equipment, I myself as a Sunners, an employee, am extremely happy. The nature of jobs in the IT industry is a lot of sitting and very little moving, which will lead to many office diseases, especially ones related to bones and joints. This good news will motivate Sunners to do sports to improve health, as well as to refresh themselves and improve their working efficiency."

Members at Danang Sun* are practicing Yoga very hard!

With this timely attention and practical investment, SHC hopes that our Sunners will practice actively, maintain their health and stay healthy to eliminate office diseases related to bones and joints and continue to contribute further to the common development of Sun*.

In the near future, SHC plans to organize a lot of attractive programs for all Sunners in offices. Sunners, please look forward to the next announcement from SHC!


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