The "7 days and 7 nights" program of the Sun* Leadership team opens a new chapter in the Sun* Global development journey.

With the goal of maximizing the strength of a multinational company with Sun*'s Global One-team strategy, combined with the leadership team's idea of a road trip from Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh to Da Nang, the “7 days and 7 nights” journey with the participation of Sun* Managers of Sun* Vietnam and Sun* Japan was a great success, opening up new directions for the development of Sun* Global One-team in the upcoming time.

“Global One-Team”

To be called "GLOBAL ONE TEAM - SUN* RISES IN DANANG", the program brought together more than 30 Vietnamese and Japanese Managers working at Sun* offices in Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh, and Tokyo. In addition to bonding and team-building activities, the "Sun* Rises in Danang" journey is also a series of discussion sections for both the Board of Directors and Danang Sunners.

Through the name "Global One Team - Sun* Rises in Danang", the Board of the program organization wants to convey to everyone the message of a Sun* corporation that always shines, thanks to the spirit of solidarity and talent of all members.

“How long has it been since we did "crazy" things together? If we don't try to do "crazy" things today, we may drive "crazy" later."

Mr. Taihei Kobayashi

One of the "crazy" things about the journey was the trip from Hanoi to Da Nang by private car.  The group departed at noon on October 13 and arrived in Da Nang on the evening of October 15. When the group arrived at Cua Lo on the night of October 13, heavy rainstorms and flooding began in the central provinces. Even the hotel that we had booked in Hue to stay the night of the 14th had contacted us to suggest we stop and rest instead of continuing to move to Hue. But miraculously, wherever the group went, the weather was sunny and clear. Finally, the whole group arrived in Da Nang as scheduled.

With more than 15 hours of driving time, in addition to the goal of safety and punctuality, Managers also have to go through interesting challenges at each stage, which are the challenges "Learn about your companions" and "Let's go together", and  "paint the picture of Sun* Global One-Team".

In the challenge "Learn about your companions", the team members were really surprised because even though they had worked together for many years, there were many new stories, many life contexts, and thoughts behind each person that the members only learned about on this trip. Among them, especially the close friendship and deep understanding between Vietnamese and Japanese members, which caused the Managers to comment that "we believe that the team will truly understand and become more effective with each other after this trip."

On October 15, when all members were present at the Da Nang office, the delegation continued to organize 03 Panel Discussion sessions for Managers and 02 Panel Discussion sessions with diverse topics for Sunner Da Nang.

Detailed content:

Managers Panel Discussion:

  • Section 1: Awesome picture of Global One-Team Digital Creative
  • Section 2: Reality - Where are we?
  • Section 3: Ideas to make an awesome Global One-Team Digital Creative topic

Panel Discussion with Sunners:

  • Business & project panel discussion: Why Sun*?
  • Tech panel discussion: Generative AI

At the discussion session, the Sun* leadership team agreed on the conditions to be able to confidently affirm that we are an Awesome Global One-Team, which is when we have the same GOALS, share the same VALUES, and work together with RESPECT (Same Goals, Same Values, All Respect).

The board members were all frank and open in sharing challenges in the current working process between teams at the discussion session. Although everyone has respect for each other across teams when collaborating, the lack of understanding comes from the lack of opportunity to talk without distance, and differences in communication methods, expectations, goals, and ways of working together... They are the invisible barriers that prevent us from completely achieving the One-team status we expected. There are many thoughts and ways of the other side that we have never known before.

At the end of 11 hours of discussion, the program closed with the orientation of developing a Global One-team organization by standardizing the Sun* organizational system as a single Sun* team, instead of being designed and perceived as two. Companies in Japan and Vietnam are cooperating with each other, from target systems, culture, operational management.... Along with that, is a system of joint activities between members in Japan and Vietnam in many different aspects to jointly develop the organization, instead of just collaborating on projects in other roles by process.

To achieve this goal, with a team of more than 2000 people, and still growing continuously, members come from different cultures, and different backgrounds, living and working in different contexts, this will truly be an interesting challenge for the entire leadership team and Sun* members in the coming time.

With 2 discussion sessions between Japanese experts and Managers and Sunner Da Nang, we also obtained a lot of good, positive, and creative opinions and perspectives. Da Nang Sunners have raised many interesting questions and discussion topics beyond the scope of the program's initial expectations, creating an interesting talk show.

In the first discussion session with the topic Business & Project Panel Discussion, Da Nang Sunners had the opportunity to learn more deeply about how to find and attract customers, the attractiveness of Sun*, and the power of a Digital Creative Studio. … Many questions were continuously asked by Sunners to the team of experts, proving the Sunners' great interest in this topic, as well as demonstrating the proactive and understanding spirit of Sunners, regardless of their positions and departments in learning about other work areas such as Sales, Marketing. In addition, the discussion session also aroused in Sunners' hearts the pride of working in an elite, professional environment, and working towards awesome goals.

The second discussion session on the topic of Generative AI was organized to create a forum for discussion and technical consultation between experts and Sunner Da Nang. During more than 2 hours, Sunner was introduced, analyzed, and asked questions about key contents such as:

  • Generative AI, Codepilot, and EMC3 explained
  • How these technologies are being applied at Sun*
  • Discussed and proposed new ideas about future technologies we should apply.

The discussion session helped Sunners gain more interesting knowledge, as well as grasp the technology picture at Sun* in a more detailed and comprehensive way.

The journey that was considered "helping us understand each other more than a whole year of working together" ended with many beautiful impressions as well as laying a solid foundation for a sustainable One-Team future for the entire Sun* Organization.

As shared by Mr. Umeda - BOD member: "For me, this event can be considered one of the legacies of our Company's history. Looking back, we have most likely pushed the One-Team status to a new level from this journey. To create the wonderful futures to come, we must overcome many problems, and conflicts in many aspects from individuals to organizations, but I am confident we will get there. I personally can't wait to see the future vision of how we will shape the future with our own hands."

Let's look forward to the next news about the "Global One-Team" project with Sun* News!

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