The biggest "bug hunting" war in Sun* Edu history is officially launched

This October, VEU officially launched the "Bug Hunter” contest for QAs at 2 offices, Hanoi and Da Nang. Considered a HOT activity in 2021, "Bug Hunter" promises to be an extremely useful playground for QAs at VEU.

It is often said that every time a bug is seen, some cry and some laugh, but in general, all members of the project will join hands to bring the "free-defect" revolution to victory and improve quality of the end product.

In order to uphold the core value of "Be A Team" with the enthusiastic spirit of "Less bugs in staging - no bugs in production", the QA teams at both Sun* Hanoi and Sun* Da Nang have collaborated to organize a playground - a place to search and honor the most talented bug catchers named "BUG HUNTER".

Lasting from October 11, 2021 to the end of October 20, 2021, this bug hunting race promises to bring a lot of thrill, fun, surprises and loads of useful knowledge for our QAs of VEU in both regions.


Players will log bugs on the management tool of the project they participate in. Based on that, the contest organizers will filter and calculate the final score. The number of points is calculated based on the total number of bugs hunted during the contest period calculated by working time. To be specific:

  • For Full-time QA: (Total number of bugs + support) *1
  • For Part-time QA: (Total number of bugs + support) *2

Note: The organizers have the rights to make the final call.

The contest jury team includes skillful QA Trainers at VEU including Nguyen Thuy B (Sun* Hanoi), Do Ly (Sun* Hanoi) and Loi Vo (Sun* Da Nang).

The attractive prizes of VEU's "Bug Hunter" contest

The award ceremony for the "Bug Hunter" contest will be held on October 21, 2021. Who will be named and take home these attractive prizes?

QAs of VEU, let's shine!!!

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