The idea of "A Working Day Together" from a Sunner in EUV1 received March's Awesome Idea Box

With the purpose of helping Sunners’ families gain more connection with their children, helping them understand their parents' work as well as providing them specific ideas about studying and working in the IT field, Mr. Phan Duy Van from EUV1 came up with the idea of organizing "A working day together" and received Awesome Idea Box in March 2020.

The author of the Best idea of the month - Phan Duy Van (EUV1) and his family

Specifically, according to Mr. Van's idea, on a certain day each year, the children’s employees in the age of 13-18 will have a chance to visit the company.

In addition to introducing about the company, the jobs that their parents do, there is also a fun "Coding for beginners" through group exercises, simple code writing, thereby helping children understand their parents’ work and have specific ideas about studying and working in IT later on.

"I think all employees will have a strong attachment to their children if their children understand what they are doing. I want my children to see and feel how cool my job is, as well as my colleagues’ jobs. Also, I'm very proud of Sun*, and it would be great if my teenage children would have this opportunity.", Phan Duy Van shared with Sun* News reporter.

Phan Duy Van's idea is highly appreciated for his creativity and humanity. Hopefully, this idea will be implemented at Sun* in the near future.

Awsome idea box 

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