The message of CEO Kobayashi Taihei to employees when Sun* has officially gone public

On July 31, 2020, Sun* shares were officially listed on Mothers stock market, under the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Japan. This is an important and memorable milestone in Sun*'s 7 years of development. In this special moment, CEO Kobayashi Taihei sent a letter to each employee's email.

Sun* News would like to quote the entire contents of this letter so that Sun* employees can save or share as needed. 

"Dear Colleagues,

Today, our Sun* shares have been officially listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Mothers Market.

Due to Covid-19's influence, I am very sad to be unable to share this special moment with you, the members in Vietnam. I really look forward to seeing you all very soon! 

We have been preparing for the IPO process for the past 2+ years and had proceeded to register for listing in April this year, although it had been an extremely difficult time: 

- Due to the impact of the pandemic, investors did not advance any new investment items. 

- All meetings with previously scheduled investors had been canceled due to the restrictions of virtual working methods. 

- Up to 15 companies have had their stock listing licenses revoked due to the inability to find investors or failing to meet the conditions. 

- The verification department of Tokyo Stock Exchange was in danger of being shut down after the Government declared a state of emergency. 

And there had been many, many more obstacles... We have challenged ourselves in such an unprecedented situation. 

However, thanks to the unanimous efforts of everyone, Sun*'s IPO process is still going swimmingly, for us to be able to celebrate this milestone today. 

The stock market is still full of chaos, and we may have to "set sail" under adverse conditions but I believe that, together, with the Sun* person's fortitude, we shall be brave and eagerly sail across the waves. 

Let's continue our adventure together! 

Perhaps right now, you all are having a lot of questions surrounding the IPO, as well as what Sun* is aiming for. 

First of all, why did Sun* undertake an IPO?

The answer of course is for us to realize our inherent Vision.

The IPO milestone will raise more people and companies' awareness of Sun*, we can communicate messages to everyone more easily, and bring Sun*'s Vision to the world more effectively. This is also a declaration from Sun* about our great Mission. 

Today's Sun* businesses such as Creative & Engineering and IT talent education not only bring values to customers and startups but moreover, they also solve major social issues such as the lack of an elite and creative IT labor force or the digitization delay in business and industry.

We are aware of our responsibility to the society and have pledged to the world that Sun* will tackle these difficult problems.

Going further, we shall create a world where each person can freely create whichever values he desires.

That world is a place where everyone has a childlike eagerness to create new values, constantly looking forward to the dawn of the new day. That is our peaceful world. 

In order to realize that peaceful world, let's accelerate it further, towards Sun*'s Vision “Create a world where everyone has the freedom to make awesome things that matter”. 

Let's all continue to conquer the challenges ahead of us! 



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