The official theme name of SAA 2021

2021 is drawing to an end, once again, we are welcoming a new SAA - Sun* Annual Awards with hearts full of excitement. As usual, the main theme of SAA always brings curiosity to the Sun* people, and this year is no exception.

Before the official theme of this year’s SAA is announced, Sun* members did have an interesting experience guessing the name of the show. A landing page was made with an animation effect to create a mini-game. By scrolling through the screen, Sun* members will explore some letters hidden behind many “touchpoints”. If arranged correctly, these letters can help participants guess the right name of SAA 2021.

After 32 hours, there were about 1000 Sunners who participated in this mini-game, with nearly 400 answers had been recorded. People were very excited about this new experience and curious about the final results - which is also the name of this year's SAA 2021.

And, the official name of SAA 2021 is “Touch of Light”.

“With the mindset of creating ‘awesome’ things, the organizers of SAA always want to bring new and interesting experiences to those who follow and participate in the SAA. 2021 is a special year, so SAA will also be held in a very special form. Therefore, right from the very first days of preparing, the thought of bringing new things to Sun* members have always been in our mind” - Representative of SAA organizers.

[Note: The lucky winner of the Guessing name mini-game will be announced by the organizer at 20:00 on December 10 on Facebook Group “Sun* Family”]

Why “Touch of Light”?

The year 2021 helps us realize that agileness is the true key to stability. With the main message "Being AGILE", we want to engrave the beauty of agileness by using the two images of “light” and “touchpoint”. 

Light is the miracle of life, it is colorless most of the time, but it could be also transformed into various forms and colors when it touches different surfaces.

Inspired by the flexible transformation of "light" and "touchpoints", Sun* Annual Awards 2021 chose the name: "Touch Of Light" to portray the beauty and magical power of change.

We also carry within ourselves our own light that covers our body and mind. Life is full of “touchpoints” that make that light change. The things that we do and experience, the people we meet, whether intentionally or unintentionally, all of creating many meaningful "touchpoints", that make us a new version of ourselves. And Sun* is also such a 'touch point' - where each person will realize a positive change in themselves.

Inspired by the flexible transformation of "light" and "touchpoints", Sun* Annual Awards 2021 chose the name: "Touch Of Light" to portray the beauty and magical power of change.

When thinking about change, people instinctively tend to reject or think negatively, but if we look at the positive side of it, every change creates new values and new opportunities. Just like how the “touchpoints” transform the “light” into various forms! Through SAA 2021 - Touch of Light, we hope to spread the message to Sun* members that the journey we all have been sharing is also built from positive and meaningful changes like that.

“The adventure of life is to learn. The purpose of life is to grow. The nature of life is to change. The challenge of life is to overcome.” - William Arthur Ward 

In order to adapt to the epidemic situation, this year's Sun* Annual Awards - SAA 2021: Touch of Light will be live-streamed entirely. This is also an example of the “agileness” that Sun* always aims for.

The event will officially take place at 4pm on January 14, 2022.

This year, 26 individuals and 5 projects will be honored in 5 award categories: Most Valuable Person, Project of the Year, Leader of the Year, Dedication Award, and Talented Staff Award.

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