The special Mid-Autumn Festival of Sunners: Jubilantly ‘feasting' online

Every year, on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, many interesting activities will be held at Sun*’s units. But this year, the atmosphere is somewhat more special. Let's take a walk around to see what the Mid-Autumn Festival is like at Sun* this year!

Every year, on August’s full moon, Sunners across the nation prepare for interesting activities, together decorate the working corner with lanterns, star lights...and feast right at the company. But it is different this year, due to a long-term social distancing period. It seemed that it would be a somewhat less fun Mid-Autumn Festival, but the reality is completely opposite. The "online" Mid-Autumn Festival still takes place extremely excitingly and bustling through the computer screens at the Sunners' homes.

Let's look through them with Sun* News!

* Materials are provided by Units' Culture Development Team and photos from Facebook of Sunners



One of the most “hardcore” units of this year's Mid-Autumn Festival is CEV04 with their “Online feasting” contest. In this contest, the members of the Unit would be divided into teams and have the task of preparing a unique "feast" to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival, unleashing their creativity.

The contest took place on Facebook with the participation of many CEV04 members. After much preparation and pondering, the one-of-the-kind Mid-Autumn Festival feasts were revealed, causing a storm on CEV04’s social media in particular and Sun*’s in general.

The contest has 3 prizes for the 3 best feasts including:

- The giant feast

- The national feast

- The fulfilling feast

The total prize of the “Online Feasting” contest is worth millions of VND!
Members of Team 2 - CEV04 organized an online feast
The online feasts of CEV04 are really eye-catching

Some video of CEV04's "Online Feasts" provided by the Culture Development Team



Joining the Mid-Autumn Festival, CEV07 also organized an equally exciting activity called "Mid-Autumn Feast" with the hope of creating a meaningful reunion for CEV07's members. In this contest, each member prepare a special five-fruit tray in the pandemic, then take a photo of that five-fruit tray and post it on CEV07's Facebook group with a caption and the hashtag: #trungthu7up.

The contest has 3 prizes for the 3 best platters including:

- The best feast

- The most favorite feast

- The most unique feast

A tray with fruits cut into very clever shapes (Photo from Facebook by Sunner Hong Ngoc)
Sunners' five-fruit tray for Mid-Autumn Festival (Photos from Facebook of Sunner Thuy Vu, Hien Trinh, Nguyen Canh and Thanh Nhan)



Mid-Autumn Festival is always one of the most anticipated holidays of the year, especially for children.

This year, due to the pandemic, the children are not allowed to "enjoy" a fulfilling Mid-Autumn Festival. They can’t have parades, feast, watch the lion dance and make small toys with their own hands. Therefore, the Culture Development Team of CEV01 decided to organize a contest for children on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival with the name "Mid-Autumn Festival at home - Easy fun".

Here, parents are members of CEV01 and the children will participate in the challenge of making typical Mid-Autumn Festival toys such as lanterns, masks, five-fruit trays... following the organizers’ instructions or tutorial videos. Then they’ll take a photo and post it on their personal Facebook with the hashtags #SunAsterisk, #CEV01, #trungthuonhavuilachuyennho on September 21st. Although it has only been launched for less than 24 hours, CEV01 members have posted the first photos showing off the Mid-Autumn toys they made with their children.

Photo from Facebook of Sunner Nguyen Van
Photos from Facebook of Sunner Thuy Lan & Ngoc Mai

Some other outstanding Mid-Autumn Festival programs at Sun*



Unlike other units, instead of showing off their creative talents with the feasts, CEV05 members joined a trivia game to understand more about this special holiday. The images in the program were designed by CEV05 members themselves, bringing an extremely bustling Mid-Autumn Festival atmosphere in the Unit.

The quiz questions are beautifully designed by the members of CEV05 themselves
3 winners of CEV05's Mid-Autumn Festival - Fun night



As the name suggests, the contest "Beautiful feast - Big gifts" aimed to find the BAV member who decorates the most beautiful Mid-Autumn Festival feast. The contest took place on Facebook and received great interest from BAV members.

The five-fruit tray prepared by Sunner Khanh Huyen, Dieu Hong, Hang Luong and Ngoc Yen
(Photo: Hoang Vi)



The 2021 Mid-Autumn Festival was elaborately prepared by the Culture Development Team of CEV14 with activities such as video slideshows to share photos and voice calls of parents reminding their children during the holiday season. The videos created strong emotions for all members of the Unit. The jigsaw puzzle on hangout was thought to be easy but was incredibly difficult, requiring the coordination of all team members. And the familiar Kahoot game with funny questions about the mid-autumn festival. 

CEV14 members participating in a jigsaw puzzle together

So the special holiday of 2021 has ended, leaving many emotions and joys with the members of the Sun family*. Wish you great health, happiness, a bright smile as if every day is the Mid-Autumn Festival!


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