The untold story of Xuan Vu and his fascinating in-door garden

A plantaholic will always have a reason to smile…

Xuan Vu was born in 1996, he’s from Quang Tri and is currently working at Sun* Da Nang. He not only performs well at work, but is also a multi-talented person in areas such as singing, playing musical instruments and planting plants. There are many Devs who know how to sing at Sun*, but there are not many Devs with the hobby of gardening, because they are engrossed in the lines of code most of the time, they’re so busy with project work that they forget to eat, forget to sleep, they don’t even have time to take care of themselves. But Vu is different, his work and personal life are seperated. He always knows how to balance his life.

Planting and taking care of plants daily is a hobby of Vu

Regarding Vu's hobby of plants, recently on his Facebook, people have had the opportunity to admire his cool green garden with all kinds of plants. Vu said that these are just a few of the trees that Vu can plant in the 25m2 room . In his hometown of Quang Tri, his family’s garden is endless. "Just imagine 6-7 houses in the city lined up next to each other and all of them filled with trees and plants." - Vu said.

Explaining why he likes plants, Vu shared: “Personally, I really like green, the tranquility and the beauty of nature. Every morning when I wake up to a space full of greeneries, I feel more in love with life and optimistic.”

Vu's room is only 25m2, but there are 15 types of plants in total, most of which are woody, with good longevity and enduring vitality. Vu chooses plants that match his interests and are similar to his personality. Indoor plants are all durable, strong and adapt well to different environments. “Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s arid, but the most important thing is a never-give-up attitude. They look small, but they are quite brave, never asking for anything, quiet and very stable." - Vu shared.

Green covers his small room

That is not to say that Vu's garden does not need care. On the contrary, because he loves his plants, Vu takes great care of them.

"In the morning, if I wake up around 6 or 6:30 pm, I have 15 minutes to water the plants, monitor each plant’s status. Since this happens every day, it is not difficult for me to get all of their "daily reports". Then it's time to enjoy, I will sit at the window near them to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea at the beginning of the day, it's my start of every day in the week. And Saturdays will be the “retro” time. On Saturdays, I will carefully check and take care of them in time to get them in the best condition." - Vu said.

In the process of creating his own garden, Vu also encountered many difficulties, but according to him, the most difficult was growing new plants, such as Pinnatum Betel nut, Betel nut, or a few varieties that he found. This took Vu a lot of time and effort because although they are all tropical plants, summer in Vietnam is too harsh for them. There were a few plants that could not grow, there were also plants that burned their leaves because they were too close to the window. Every time he recalls these memories, he feels very regretful and considers it an experience for the next plantings.

Planting and taking care of trees brings Vu many benefits. "I have a better concept of time. My living space is closer to nature, making my soul always in a harmonized state, I am also calmer, and I have a better temper. Taking care of trees also helps me to have many interesting thoughts about taking care of the people around me. Plants are like friends who comfort me a lot during difficult times of work. While everything is rocky, in my room, the sprouts I take care of are still green and “fruitful”, so I feel more in love with life."

Taking care of plants is also a way to take care of your own soul

-  “Do you have any tips or tricks to share with people who love plants, like planting, or are just starting to grow their own seedlings?”

- “First you have to ask yourself if you really love plants, or just see them as a decoration in the house. If it's just decoration, it's easy, just buy it and leave it there, if it gets boring, remove it. Whenever you want to change the plant, bring it to me! It may be no longer valuable to you at this point, but it can still be saved by me. And if you really love that "green”, it's easy, become friends with me and we can learn from each other. I was inspired like that too!”

“Grower just needs to love the plants, everything else will stem from our love for them!”

"Witnessing the plants grow every day, I feel empowered"

Thank you Vu for sharing your life story with me. A small hobby with a story behind it. Since joining Sun*, I have completely changed my opinion about Devs. They are colorful and not dry at all, they are interesting and take people from one surprise to another. EUV4's Lanka Xuan Vu is such a case.

Wishing Vu faith and love in all that he’s doing!

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