The whole Sun* set a record of collecting 2000 used batteries, joining hands to protect the environment

In just 30 minutes of "Give old batteries - Get new gifts" day, the number of old batteries that Sun Green & Safe Committee * (GSC for short) received from Sunners has incredibly reached a "huge" number.

Realizing that the propaganda as well as constructing the habit of disposing of batteries in the right places are urgent, today (February 26, 2021), at Freespace of Sun* offices across the country, the "Give old batteries - Get new gifts" day took place organized by the Green & Safe Committee (GSC). Through this meaningful festival, GSC encourages all Sun* employees to initially form a habit of not throwing batteries out to the environment, at the same time joining hands to repel harmful actions to the environment and human health.

With the participation of a large number of Sunners from 3 offices in Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh, in just 30 minutes, nearly 2000 old batteries were given to GSC and more than 100 lovely gifts from GSC were given to Sunners. In particular, many Sunners, although working remotely, still enthusiastically support the program by sending old batteries to colleagues who are working offline, even asking their parents to bring the old batteries to the company to exchange gifts in time.

Here are some pictures of this afternoon’s event:

In Hanoi

Numerous Sunners participate in the festival, as a way to join hands to protect the environment.
Everyone was excited because they exchanged batteries and protected the environment and still received a meaningful gift from the program.
Although many Sunners are working remotely but they are still excited about the event by asking their colleagues to exchange batteries for them

In Ho Chi Minh City

Sunners Ho Chi Minh also quickly exchanged batteries and received meaningful gifts from the program

In Da Nang

GSC's "Giving old batteries - Receiving new gifts" festival has also spreaded to Sun* Danang office
Everyone feels happy to do a meaningful thing for the community

Once again, thank you for such a meaningful program the Green & Safe Committee as well as to the enthusiastic support from Sunners across the country!

Please look forward to the next interesting activities organized by GSC!