Tuan Linh C - The tallest guy at Sun*: "I don’t care how tall my girlfriend is, she can be even taller than me."

Even taller than you??

At Sun*, we have lots of “best” such as the fastest talking Sunner, Sunner who has the most hair colors, Sunner with the most international certificates, the oldest Sunner… In the height category, the winner is no other than the guy born in 1999 - Tuan Linh C of EUV1.

Tuan Linh has the most impressive height at Sun* - 1m93 - a height that shocks everyone!

Joined Sun* since the last months of 2020, Tuan Linh C is widely known by Hanoi Sunners and even leaves "lasting impressions" thanks to his admirable height. People can easily recognize Linh whenever he walks around the office.

The handsome programmer Tuan Linh has an impressive height of up to 1m93 and this height has been maintained since his university years until now. It is partly true to assume that Linh is tall thanks to his genetics! Because Linh's father is 1m82 tall and his mother is nearly 1m70 tall, and currently in the family, Linh is the tallest person.

Linh said: "Basically, everyone in my family is tall, in which I am the tallest. I've been tall since I was a kid. In my 12 years of schooling, I've always been the tallest young man at school. But my height peaked in the period from 9th grade to 10th grade, I was already 1m92 tall in 10th grade.

Maybe I'm tall thanks to my dominant genetics. I'm the type of person who is quite lazy at playing sports. Almost anyone who meets me, after knowing my profession, tells me that it’s such a waste. Because I spend most of my time at the computer. ^^"

With such a great height, Linh is always the focus of every crowd. Linh confided: "Whenever I go to crowded places, or just walk past someone, I am always noticed by people. They talked about it, then laughed and then pointed at me, making me shy and self-conscious. So I’ve formed the habit of hunching my back.

In addition, buying clothes is really hard for me, there are many items I really like that don't fit me. Or when traveling by coach, I have to choose a rather spacious car, otherwise it will be very uncomfortable to sit and may even affect other passengers.

In life or at work, whenever I’m mentioned, everyone only remembers "ah that tall boy ^^". Almost everyone I know only remembers me because I'm tall, not for something else. Many people even mistook me for a foreigner. It's a bit sad!"

Tuan Linh C (rightmost)

When asked about the advantages of having such great height, Tuan Linh happily answered: "I stand out in a crowd. I can do things that require height such as reaching stuff on high shelves or see many things that others can’t. 

Now, I still hunch my back but I'm much better. I'm not self-conscious about my height anymore because I consider my height as a gift and my advantage. Even now, I still want to be taller, but I guess I’ve stopped growing LOL"

Linh and his teacher

When asked, with this height, is it difficult for Linh to find a girlfriend? He happily replied: "I don't know, I don't have any standards for my girlfriend. She can be as tall as she wants, even taller than me. ^^"

We wish that Tuan Linh will not only be remembered for his height, but also for his youth, talent, professional knowledge as well as mastery skills in his field!

What do you think about this boy?

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