Unprecedented exciting atmosphere at CEVs and Units: "Working from home is so fun!"

The atmosphere at CEVs and Units at Sun* has never been so bustling, follow Sun* News reporter to learn about exciting activities during this time!

With the motto of  "out of sight yet not out of mind", units at Sun* have been organizing connection and interaction activities with creative format and content, pulling Sunners closer to each other during the pandemic.

The “birth” of 14 Culture Development Teams under 14 CEVs also created exciting changes in cultural activities at Sun*. This would become a very long article if we list out every activity. So please check out some special activities taking place at Sun* recently with Sun* News!



BAV's skillful girls are the first active candidates with many interesting activities during this WFH period. The most noticeable activity is the program of “Sowing life - Fighting Corona”. Stemming from the call to reduce waste, protect nature, the program Sowing life - Fighting Corona promotes the movement of planting plants at home while saving money, with only simple “ingredients”, available at home such as sweet potatoes, green beans, green onions, lemons, carrots and onions.

Making use of what seems to be garbage and growing a new plant, Sowing Life - Fighting Corona is a creative activity that brings positive values ​​to everyone during this complicated period. The program has received the active support of all BAV members in 3 offices, and hopes to be hosted in other units of the company.

Some pictures of BAV members' results after the program


CEV09 & CEV11

When speaking of branding, it is impossible not to mention the logo and slogan of the Units. And ever since they “joined the same house”, CEVs have “cooked up” lovely logos and high-quality slogans that best represent their spirit.

At CEV09 and CEV11, not long ago, they found their own logo and slogan after a fierce competition. The special thing is that the contest products were all well designed by Sunners in the Unit.

Winning logo of the Unit Logo Design Contest hosted by CEV09

Meaning behind the CEV09 logo: CEV09 is like an ancient tree, with each member being a leaf on the tree. If the leaves are healthy, the tree will be healthy and vice versa. The tree facilitates the leaves’ growth and leaves make use of that resources to constantly grow.

The Hangouts session to announce the contest prize of CEV09

On the other hand, CEV11 “went all out” when they decided to create a logo and a slogan for the Unit. Logo and slogan are required to present the identity of CEV11 with ease, presenting the spirit and culture of CEV11. A lot of high-quality and creative entries were sent to the contest mailbox and CEV11 finally found its own logo and slogan.

The winning logo and slogan that have become the official symbol of CEV11 from now on

Meaning behind CEV11 logo: Whales are considered sacred animals that bring luck, peace, fortune and prosperity. The letters C, E, V combined together, creating the shape of a whale with delicate curves carrying a special and impressive accent. This is a logo with a lot of spiritual meaning and long-term commitment. With the spirit of sailing out to the great sea, the logo also represents the spirit of the CEV, which will not only cluster within CEV, but will always develop together in both human and CEV spirit. .

Some more pictures of the contest



During this pandemic, the R&D Unit Culture Development Team launched the program "Pandemic meals" with the hope that R&D members would share their meals along with interesting stories spreading the positive attitude of the Sunners.

The program has a simple form of participation and has received the participation of many R&D Unit brothers and sisters. There are pictures of many lovely and delicious meals of members’ families that are shared on Facebook.

Here are some pictures of the “pandemic meals” of the R&D Unit



Living up to its interesting name, CEV03 Project Exchange is a program organized by CEV03 Culture Development Team for the exchanging between projects in the same CEV. Here, the project teams will learn about each other’s projects (what does the other project do, who are the members, what programming language does the project use, who is the most special person in that project) and join a trivia game to answer questions about the project they are “investigating”.

The activity will take place throughout September 2021 with interesting exchanges and interactions, which is a great opportunity for members to learn about each other's work.


Humans of CEV12

This is the “from strangers to friends” session that CEV12 Culture Development Team created with the goal of getting to know one CEV member each week and introducing that member to everyone through the story. Hopefully, the fastest way to connect everyone is through sharing and listening to each other. A Humans of CEV12 issue will be posted weekly on the Unit's Facebook Group at 16:00. Up till now, Humans of CEV12 has had 2 issues and has received a lot of good responses from the Unit members.

In addition, every week, CEV12 also organizes minigames such as Charades on Facebook to create a comfortable and entertaining activity for the brothers in the Unit.

Some pictures of the minigame Charades held by CEV12 in their Facebook Group

In the bustling atmosphere of cultural activities, CEV13 also organizes many interesting programs and minigames such as weekly seminars. Every week, CEV13 organizes an activity such as: Kahoot game (takes place on Unit’s Hangouts), happy Friday: answer questions on CW box at 16:45, end-of-the-month meeting taking place on 27/08 with content like video showing for a member’s birthday, introducing new personnel, playing games, chatting about the joys and sorrows of working from home. Activities on the unit’s Facebook Group are being promoted...

Some pictures at the weekly seminar series of CEV13
CEV06 also launched its Culture Development Team and has hosted really fun games!

In that spirit, CEV04 and CEV05 were also bustling with meetings for playing games and celebrating members' birthdays.

Birthday at CEV05
Birthday at CEV04

Or at VEU, recently, Unit members participated in a new type of minigame called IMAGE-INATION. As the name suggests, when participating in a Zoom session, all VEU members will be randomly divided into teams, the organizers will give a set of common images for the teams and the task of the teams is to tell creative stories from those images. Requirements: team members will have to participate in this story in every form. The new activity surprised VEU brothers and sisters at first, but after all, it brought a lot of laughter and entertainment after stressful working hours.

Pictures from VEU's IMAGE-INATION minigame

Or at CEV14 Ho Chi Minh, Sunners had the opportunity to test their ability in guessing who are their colleagues through childhood photos in the activity called "DOPE PIC DOPE GIFT". What’s more, behind each photo is a meaningful story, containing many memories.

Did puberty hit HCMC Sunners hard?

The program was incredibly much more fun than expected, bringing many “shades of emotions'' to CEV14 Ho Chi Minh brothers and sisters thanks to the childhood photos of their colleagues. The received photos will be posted on the Facebook page "SMALL FAMILY AT FLOOR 8 - NICE BUILDING" for everyone to interact together during the pandemic. And of course, the image with the most interaction on Facebook will win the special prize of the program.

There are many other interesting and creative activities that CEVs have planned for the coming time. Admittedly, the Sunners never panic even when working remotely. They always find new ways to enhance communication, have fun with each other outside stressful working hours. If your CEV or Unit is also looking for a good way to fight boredom in “the remote season”, check out the above "think outside the box" cultural activities conducted and approved by Sunners!

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